Exploring the advantages of luxurious silk sleepwear

Year after year, people discover the joy of luxury silk sleepwear. While a bit more expensive than your traditional cotton pajamas, silk sleepwear moves and breathes like no other fabric. Long a favorite in the romance industry, silk is now a component in many comfortable pajama styles for both men and women.

Silk is a natural fiber, which means it is breathable and feels great against your skin. The featherweight feel of silk keeps added bulk out of your pajamas and allows you freedom of movement in your sleep. Silk is also an easily dye-able fabric, which means you can find pajamas in bold, vibrant colors and styles. Long a favorite fabric for wispy dresses and scarves, silk is also a great romantic material for nightgowns, chemises and other styles of ladies silk sleepwear. Though the sheer and flowing nature is great for romantic liaisons, it also provides the ultimate in luxury and comfort for a good night?s sleep.

Satin fabric is a cheaper alternative to silk, but doesn?t provide some of the same benefits. Satin is not nearly as breathable and can feel heavy by comparison. Additionally, satin pajamas can be stifling in the summer. Silk, on the other hand, rests lightly against your skin, matching body temperature and keeping a breeze going at all times. You may want to wear a robe in the winter, however; silk isn?t really a fuzzy-warm fabric.

Silk sleepwear for women runs the gamut from simple nightgowns to elaborately ruffled babydolls and robes. You can also buy silk sleepwear sets with soft camisoles and roomy pants. When selecting your sleepwear, consider your sleeping environment; if you like to bury yourself under a pile of covers, something small and unobtrusive (like a camisole or babydoll) will be a great fit for you. On the other hand, if you just sleep with a light blanket, a nightgown or pajama set will give you more coverage. If you keep your house so cold you need to bundle up in sweaters or hoodies for a good night?s sleep, then silk is probably not for you.

Men's options

When shopping for silk sleepwear, women will want something attractive and romantic. Men, on the other hand, want something practical and comfortable. Luckily, men?s silk sleepwear is not just for romance anymore. Silk pajama pants are extra roomy and breathable, and soft silk shirts fit like a comfortable embrace. Men will love the freedom and breathability that silk gives them when compared to other heavier fabrics like flannel and fleece. Many men who have long worn an old pair of boxers to bed will love the refreshing sensation of luxurious silk.

While silk is a more expensive option for pajamas, it is just as durable as many other fabrics. It can usually be washed on a gentle cycle and hung to dry like the rest of your clothes. Be sure to avoid high heat, or your pajamas may shrink. Otherwise, your pajamas are as easy to care for as the rest of your wardrobe.

Whether you are looking for something comfortable and cool, or something to spice up your relationship, silk pajamas may be a great fit for you. Sears can get you into a great pair of pajamas today; just hop into your nearest store or browse their selection online to find threads worthy of a great night?s sleep.

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