Fashion Tips for Men to Look Your Best for Every Occasion

All you need to do is walk outside and look around to realize a sad truth: a lot of guys don't know how to dress themselves in even basic everyday clothes. Wearing clothes which look good and fit right is an essential part of making the best possible first impression. Don't be a grown man whose dresser drawers have nothing but T-shirts, cargo shorts and ragged jeans; by putting together just a few versatile outfits you can make sure you look good every time you walk out your door.

When it comes to men's clothing, guys don't have as many choices as women do. While this can be a bit limiting, the advantage to having fewer choices is that you don't have to spend as much time putting together an outfit that looks great.  You won't have to spend the big bucks either; all you need is a few fashion fundamentals which can work in a wide variety of situations. Whether you're going about your day in a casual outfit of polo and jeans or getting ready for a nice night out by dressing to the nines, you'll look your best by following just a few simple fashion tips for men.

Building a Shoe Collection for Men

A great look begins from the bottom up, and that means starting with a good pair of shoes. A lot of guys get away with wearing sneakers all the time, but that doesn't make it a good look. In addition to sneakers you need at least two more pairs of shoes to be covered for any occasion. When you're dressing up a bit beyond the typical T-shirt and jeans, put on a pair of brown leather dress boots or wing tips. The semi-formality of brown leather goes well with slacks, khakis and button-up shirts, making these shoes a good match for office attire. They don't have to come off after hours, either, because brown leather semi-formal shoes work just as well at the bar with your friends or in a nice restaurant with your special someone.

For more special occasions, pick up some black leather oxfords. These versatile dress shoes work well for just about any color of suit and any level of formality. Remember that the sleeker the shoe, the more versatile it is, so keep decorations like leather embossing and cap toes to a minimum if you want to wear just one pair of dress shoes with the widest possible variety of formalwear. Of course, if you are willing to buy more than one pair, you can save the simple black shoe for serious occasions and get a less formal pair with gator skin or stippled leather for a fun night out.

Picking Out Pants and Shirts for Guys

When it comes to building a solid base wardrobe of shirts and pants, don't worry about what's fashionable at the moment. It's easy to spend way too much money chasing trends that will look silly and dated when the next fashion season rolls around because fashion is fleeting and styles change constantly. It's far better to pick out a few timeless classics which can be mixed and matched to create outfits which will never go out of style.

With shirts, start off with a base of button-up shirts in whites and blues. These colors can work in a wide variety of situations and are flattering to every skin tone. Darker blues tend to be more casual, while lighter blues are for professional environments. You don't have to go for expensive designer brand; the important thing is to make sure the shirts fit correctly. Make sure to check the fit at neck, cuffs and waistline before putting down your hard-earned cash.

For less formal men's shirts, lay in a stock of well-fitting polos. T-shirts are fine for very casual everyday wear, but a grown man's wardrobe really should consist of mostly collared shirts. A collared shirt does a lot to frame your face and accentuate your shoulders, which is always a plus. Start with solid colors and simple patterns like navy stripes for maximum versatility.

The most useful pair of men's pants in your wardrobe is a pair of fitted jeans in dark blue, and this should be your first pants purchase if you don't already have a pair. You can wear these jeans with an untucked button-up shirt and blazer for a semi-casual look that can go anywhere, or stick with the classic jeans and polo shirt combination for tooling around the house. For your pair of do-it-all jeans, avoid stonewash, acid wash and artificial distressing and just stick with classic dark blue. If you find a pair of dark blue men's jeans that fit just right, go ahead and buy two or three more pairs while you can.

Don't forget to stock up on other types of pants beyond just jeans. Two pairs of slacks, one light and one dark, cover the gamut of dressier occasions, while a few khaki pants deliver a casual alternative to jeans. Just make sure your jeans, khakis, slacks and other pants fit properly. 

How to Buy a First Suit: Understanding Men's Dress Fashion

Every guys needs a well-fitted men's suit on hand for those times when he needs to make an instant great impression at a formal occasion. Your first suit can serve you well for a long time if you choose a versatile cut and color. It's hard to go wrong by sticking with a two-piece, two-button wool suit in solid navy blue or dark gray. Navy and dark gray suits work well with most colors of shirts and ties, and with black and brown shoes both. Avoid black for a first suit, because there are generally accepted fashion rules for wearing a black suit which can force you into a corner style-wise.

By following these fashion tips for guys, you can put together a versatile wardrobe that can take you from the boardroom to the beachfront, from your home to your favorite hangout. Don't waste time chasing trends. Instead, shop Sears to pick up helpful fashion tips for men and timeless men's clothes that won't go out of style.

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