Whether you call it a binky or a nook, a pacifier can be an essential daily item for some infants and toddlers. But finding the right one is the key. At Sears, you can choose between a wide variety of sizes, shapes and brands of baby pacifiers. We have orthodontic pacifiers, round pacifiers, thumb-shaped and drop pacifiers. There are pacifiers decorated for boys and girls, pacifier clips and pacifier holders, pacifiers made of rubber and pacifiers made of silicone. When it comes to pacifiers and teethers, Sears gives you options.

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      Find the pacifier that soothes your baby's cries at Sears

      It's hard to know exactly why your baby is crying. So when the tears are flowing and you don't know why, you start running through the checklist. Is she sleepy? She just woke up from a nap. Is she hungry? You just did a feeding a few minutes ago. Does she have a dirty diaper? It can't be, because you've changed so many baby diapers today that the pail is overflowing. Sometimes a simple way to soothe your baby's cries is with a pacifier, and Sears has the top brands and styles of pacifiers you need to turn a loud night of crying into a restful, quiet evening.

      If you put the pacifier in your baby's mouth and she immediately spits it out, don't panic. It's not that your baby doesn't like pacifiers, it might be the wrong shape. Babies take comfort with familiar shapes, which is why a pacifier can be a soothing solution for crying at any time of day. But if the pacifier nipple is the wrong shape, they may just spit it out. Find pacifiers that are round, orthodontic, flat-shaped or cherry-shaped to make sure it stays.

      When you know the nipple shape your baby likes, it's time to accessorize, and Sears carries plenty of pacifiers with the style you're looking for. Just like baby bottle accessories, you can add flair to function with different colors and prints that make a statement. If you're sure your little one is a future sports fan, select a pacifier with the colors and logo of your favorite professional and college teams.

      Once your child starts using a pacifier, it's only a matter of time until you develop an alternative nickname for it. Whether your little one calls it a binky or an uh-oh, it'll be a fun game to find and play with their pacifier. As new or experienced parents, it's important to remember to keep a few pacifiers on hand, just in case one is lost or is dropped on the ground. Sears can help you avoid those uh-oh moments with pacifier clips, designed to clip onto a child's shirt and prevent pacifiers from falling on dirty floors.

      Being a parent means being a problem solver. From baby nutrition to baby pacifiers, you have to figure out what works best for your child, and Sears can help you find the solutions. So call it whatever you call it, a pacifier can be an important tool for stopping tears. Shop at Sears and find the perfect baby pacifier for your little one today.


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