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      Chain link fencing is your easy-to-install solution for perimeter security. Keep your dog in and intruders out with the netting that relies on steel for strength and durability. On a smaller scale, you have the option of using daintier versions to protect landscape features from inquisitive animals and the busy feet of your kids. Installing this type of fencing material is easy with the kits that we offer. Some of these kits also feature the hardware to install line or gate fence posts. Choose the traditional aluminum color or pick a coated product to visually blend into your landscape.

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      Chain link fencing provides affordable security

      Attractive and durable, chain link fencing is a good choice when you are looking for a low-maintenance perimeter security device that will last for years or even decades. Whether you want to keep pets inside the yard or intruders outside, this type of fencing is so versatile that it fulfills multiple security needs with one installation. If you are looking to add a fence for purely decorative purposes, pick a low-gauge chain link. When you undertake the installation for protection, a higher gauge count refers to a higher quantity of steel in the chain link material. This makes the fence stronger.

      Consider also the size of the mesh. Smaller sizes translate into more steel in the overall setup of your fence. As you already know, the more steel you have in your fence, the more secure it is. Manufacturers now coat chain link material with polyvinyl chloride for a colorful appearance. If you love to have the fencing blend into the landscape, go with a green. If you would like it to provide a counterpoint to a green lawn, a red tone may be more attractive. In spite of the availability of different colors, plenty of folks decide to stick with the aluminum color that many manufacturers offer.

      Put up some construction fencing to keep dogs, children and visitors out of flowerbeds, off freshly poured concrete walkways and away from new sod. The most commonly used style is orange mesh, which you can quickly wrap around trees or stakes in the ground to create a perimeter. For a less conspicuous fence addition to the landscape, use plastic barriers that have stakes already incorporated into the design. Simply stick the pointy ends of the stakes into the ground and erect the fence in minutes.

      If you maintain a horse property, you already know that electric fencing is quite useful for keeping the large animals in. The components of an electric fence include a charger, ground system with cables and the fencing material itself. For the sake of safety, do not neglect to invest in cut-off switches that you can operate from a gate or in the middle of a pasture. Set up your fence according to the manufacturer recommendations and test it repeatedly. Check the voltage and verify that a horse can feel the current but will not experience any harm.

      Attractive fence gates allow you easy access to the areas you close off. Galvanized wire gates go well with a chain link fence setup while cottage picket gates are a better choice for the traditional white picket fence. A wrought iron fence gate is ornamental and suitable for an older home or Victorian reproduction. Choose the appropriate hardware to secure the gate to the fence post.

      Sears carries a wide variety of chain link fencing, electric fencing and fence gates. Measure your property's perimeter today and put in your order for the fencing material that best suits your needs. Install the fence over the course of a weekend and enjoy a secure property come Monday morning.


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