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Use fence gates to create an attractive yard design

Creating an inviting atmosphere in your yard is easy when you choose attractive decor items. Traditional fencing and elegant fence gates make a lovely border for any garden plot. When you think of these outdoor accents as decorations rather than something purely functional, the possibilities are endless. One look at what Sears has to offer will have you planning a whole new yard design.

When planting a vegetable garden, wire fencing is a smart investment. Available in rolls of varying sizes, this sturdy border is meant to keep deer, rabbits and other animals away from your plants as they grow. Galvanized wire stands up to wind and rain without rusting. Vinyl coating softens the bright, harsh look that some fencing can have. Rolls of flexible single-strand wire are also available from Jackson Wire and Dare so that you can connect fencing to posts. Erecting a solid wire fence protects your tomatoes, lettuce and anything else you decide to grow so that you can enjoy a bountiful harvest.

You'll need fence posts to support any type of fence that you put up. Garden fences benefit from sturdy metal posts. Though these often have little or no adornment, they can weather even the most violent summer storms. Metal posts can be sunk deep into the ground so that they stay upright no matter what. Garden Zone provides a variety of both green and black posts for all of your gardening needs. Sears also stocks posts for decorative fences, including attractive white and wood posts from Genova Bldg Products. Combine these with flower-themed accent pieces for a unique and inviting border fence that adds personality to your yard.

Depending on the fence you're envisioning, it might be a good idea to have welding equipment on hand. Simple welding and soldering tools permanently join bits of wire together so that your fence remains sturdy. Whenever you're using welding tools, it's important to have the proper safety equipment. Welders and materials get hot as you work, so be sure to protect your face and hands. Goggles can do the trick for small jobs, but you might want to consider a helmet for big welding projects. Heat-resistant gloves keep your fingers safe from burns as you work, allowing you to complete tasks without injury.

Flowers, vegetable plants, shrubs and ground cover combine to create a beautiful outdoor space that looks even better when rimmed with an attractive fence. Whether you choose a simple picket design or a metal fence with modern flair, you'll be adding elegance that lasts for many seasons. Head to Sears to find everything you need to beautify both your yard and garden.


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