Fine woodworking tools for hand woodworking

Giant power tools are a man's best friend when it comes to big projects and giant cuts. However, if you are the kind of guy who is more into detail work, then you will need more fine woodworking hand tools for your projects. Whether you are making decorative hiking staffs or violins, it is essential to have the right fine woodworking supplies in your workshop so you can make beautiful projects with ease.


One of the big essentials for hand woodworking is the chisel. This device allows you to carve and sculpt your wood bit by bit. While routers are great at molding big projects, they don?t afford the level of hand craftsmanship that you can get with chisels. You will want a variety of chisels in different shapes and sizes to make for different cuts. You may find that your chisel work looks rougher than what you get from a machine, but you can easily sand it smooth, if need be. If you want to scoop out large sections of wood, like when you are carving a violin body, then you may need specialized chisels like a gouge or scoop to help you make the most of your cuts.

Hand planers

You will also need a variety of hand planers to help you get your wood to the desired thickness and trueness. Scrub planes and jointer planes are good for quickly shaping your boards to desired thicknesses. The scrub plane is usually used for making thickness cuts, while the jointer plane is beneficial for making sure your board is level and true. Finally, you will need a sand planer to help even out rough edges. This works like any sander, but allows you to sand by the feel of your hands instead of the whir of a machine.

Hand saws

For making big cuts, you will need a variety of hand saws in your fine woodworking shop. These tasks are much more quickly done by power tools, but power tools don?t always offer the precision of a hand saw. You will want a variety of rips saws, hand saws and dovetail saws to enable you to make any cut you need into any size item. Remember to keep your saws well-maintained so that they will outlast your projects. In addition, you may want a few hand drills to help you with hole cuts and such. Even avid hand woodworkers pull out the cordless drill from time to time, but a few hand drills and bits may be more convenient if you just need to make a quick hole.

Marking tools

Finally, remember that you will need a good variety of marking tools in your shop. Fine woodworking tools and shops go hand in hand, and you don?t want to be without the items that will help you make precision cuts and even lines. Squares, knives, dividers and other items are essential when you want your pieces to fit together perfectly. In addition, you should keep a few other items, such as a claw hammer, tape measure, level, hand screwdriver and bevel on hand for everyday use.

If you are having a hard time deciding exactly what you want to use for your fine woodworking, tool reviews can be a big help. You will be able to see what other woodworkers use for their projects, and get an idea what will be most helpful for you. Once you have chosen the items you need for your shop, Sears can help you buy everything you need to get started on fun new projects today!

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