Ice Fishing Gear

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Make the most out of your ice fishing trip

To fully enjoy the experience of ice fishing, you need to make sure that you're completely prepared. Sears has all of the fishing apparel, gear and equipment so you can catch a beautiful trophy fish with ease.

Cutting a hole in the ice is the first step to setting up your fishing station, so start your ice fishing adventure with an auger. Sears has auger drills that can be operated with a motor or by hand. Motorized augers are more expensive but easier to work with than hand-operated augers, because they don't require much force at all. Once you've got an auger make sure your includes cold weather gear like overalls and heavy winter coats. We have all the gear you need so that you can focus on ice fishing and not the cold weather.

It's important to stay warm when you're out on the ice. Sears has storage seating that's perfectly suited for ice fishing. Just lift the comfortable, padded lid and keep your valuables in the plastic bin. Items like tackle boxes, food or extra apparel are beneficial to have on hand while out on the ice. Keep all your belongings in the bin so that they're out of the way when you run out to reel in a fish that's caught in one of your tip ups. When you're out in the cold for long periods of time, it can be uncomfortable if you go unprepared. Prepare yourself with all the gear you need to warm up on the ice.

You can also use tip ups for ice fishing, which involves drilling a few holes in a line across a stream. When a fish bites the line that's attached to the tip up, the fisherman knows to reel in the catch. This process is tedious to set up, but once it's all done, you reap the benefits of having multiple lines. Sears has a huge selection of tip ups in different colors and sizes. From fly fishing gear to ice fishing gear, we have all the accessories you need to spend hours at sea.

Ice fishing is a great experience when you're fully prepared. Whether you're by yourself for a relaxing escape or with your family for some bonding time, ice fishing is a great way to get in touch with nature when the weather is cold. Make Sears your one stop shop for all your ice fishing needs this winter.



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