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Fitness trampolines offer a fun and effective way of staying in shape. Sears offers an extensive selection of safe, high-quality trampolines that are suitable for you to use at home. Additionally, we carry a wide array of other fitness and sports products ranging from elliptical trainers to EPersonal training programs. Our trampolines allow you to stay fit while reducing the high impact to feet, knees and back that can occur with running or high-intensity aerobics. Sears carries all the top brands of fitness trampolines, including Propel, JumpKing and SkyWalker, that will make great additions to your backyard.

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Boost Your Cardiovascular Fitness with a Trampoline Workout

One of the greatest things about trampolines is that they're so much fun that it's easy to forget they also can provide a fabulous cardiovascular workout. You'll find an impressive selection of trampolines and accessories at Sears from industry leaders like Skywalker and Crescendo.

A simple jump trampoline is a great way to add something different to your regular workout. The jump trampoline from Crescendo is just three feet in diameter, but that's wide enough for an assortment of exercises to improve your cardiovascular fitness in as little as 15 minutes a day.

If you're looking for a bigger trampoline setup, the eight-foot Skywalker trampoline with safety enclosure is a good bet. The steel frame ensures this trampoline can take a pounding. Perfect for kids as young as 6 years old, this Skywalker model can handle up to 175 pounds of frantic fun.

For something even larger, try a 17-by-15-foot family-sized trampoline from Skywalker. There are plenty of safety features for this trampoline, which is available at Sears. How about 56 individual springs made of galvanized steel and a safety pad that resists the UV rays of the sun? Keep the little ones safely inside the trampoline with the help of a zippered safety net.

If one of your children doesn't want to share a trampoline, try the Diggin Active trampoline and learning toy. Your child can bounce away on this miniature trampoline, grabbing onto an attached handle for safety. This trampoline is so much fun that kids won't realize they're burning energy and increasing their endurance. At the same time, there are five different games to play, including bounce counting and memory matches.

If you buy a trampoline, your children will be forever grateful. Stop by Sears to choose from an assortment of durable trampolines in a variety of shapes and sizes.



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