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Get ready for the game with basketball gear and equipment

Get in the game with the right basketball gear to practice and play at home. Whether you need a basketball hoop for the neighborhood playground or the backyard, you can find all of the basketball equipment that you need at Sears. Choose from a wide variety of basketball gear and basketball coaching equipment to suit all your basketball needs. You can plan for a whole team or a one-on-one game with your child by choosing the accessories and items that you need. You'll find the best in basketball sporting equipment.

Of course, no game can occur without an officially licensed NBA basketball. Both men and women's sizes are available, including a collection of multi-colored rubber basketballs that are perfect for a quick game in the schoolyard. For the little ones, we have youth size basketballs. They're the perfect size for their tiny hands. Just like soccer equipment there's a difference between indoor and outdoor. Indoor is leather for bouncing on wood and outdoor is rubber for bouncing on asphalt or concrete.

For drills and practice pick up some basketball coaching equipment from Sears. Look for whistles and megaphones to maintain effective practice. Battery-powered megaphones make it easy to encourage your players even if you're on the other side of the court. Pick up stop watch to time your players during drills, or players, time yourselves during private practices. Stop watches are ideal basketball, football, soccer and baseball gear. Practice drills and time how long it takes for you to run to first base or across the court.

At times, playing sports can be dangerous, so you want to have the right gear for the game. Unlike football equipment is which is designed to protect players from high impact hits, basketball equipment is designed to increase agility and accuracy. Wipe the sweat from your head with absorbent terry cloth headbands from Sears. Slip on a leg sleeve to protect your knees from scraping the floor. Our basketball gear and basketball coaching equipment is meant to improve your skills and knowledge of the game.

From backboards and rims to basketballs and uniforms, you can find everything that you need to make the most of your basketball game. Browse and order from an entire inventory of equipment and accessories at your fingertips without ever leaving your home.



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