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Prepare for a winning season with new coaching equipment for basketball

Playing on a basketball team is a great way to learn about working together with a group of people you may not know well for a common goal. Of course, there can be no lessons about teamwork or dribbling and shooting without the necessary equipment and supplies. Drill, test and practice with your team to compete at the highest level. Organization is also important; in order for things to run smoothly, make sure your coach has the organizational items they need for game time. Get the equipment and accessories that your team will need for the season.

You'll definitely need plenty of basketballs. To carry those basketballs to and from practice easily, Sears has an array of basketball carriers. These carriers have wheels and line up your basketballs on racks for quick use. Using the carriers makes for an easy clean up with little worry about missing basketballs. If you also coach springtime sports, you can double use of the basketball carrier as soccer equipment. We have an impressive selection of accessories for basketball, including whistles and mouth guards.

Every good coach has plays ready for every possible situation. Sometimes in the heat of the game, plays need to change in order to win. To map out plays on the go, Sears has a variety of different dry erase clip boards. These clip boards have a diagram of the court which makes it easy for players to visualize what the coach has dreamed up in his mind, all in the short time allotted for a time out. This can also be used as a piece of rugby equipment. Even though the diagram of the court isn't the same, clipboards are still extremely useful for quickly drawing up plays.

If the coach or team needs coaching equipment, Sears is fully stocked. The coach may want a whistle on a lanyard, or to make sure everyone pays attention, a megaphone may work better. Time your workouts and encourage your team with basketball coaching equipment. Try the megaphone across a football field as football equipment or have your buddy time your fastest mile run.

Make sure your basketball team and coach are prepared for the new season by taking advantage of the full selection of equipment and accessories at Sears.



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