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Specialty Bike Accessories for a More Pleasant Biking Experience

To get the full enjoyment from biking, you need accessories that enhance each trip that you take. At Sears, you can find a full listing of bikes and accessories to increase your experience when biking for fun or training for an event.

Protect your head from accidental tumbles with a durable and protective bike helmet. You can choose a helmet in the color that matches your style while getting the protection that you need while riding. Other accessories such as elbow and knee pads are also useful to prevent injury during a fall.

Unfortunately, bike tires suffer wear and tear during each trip. Keep your bike on the road and out of the garage with quality tires or a tire repair kit. These kits contain the tube cement, sanding sheets and other patches that you need to seal any hole that you may have in your tire.

Keep your bike safe and secure when it's parked by using a bike lock or other bike security equipment. You can choose a simple combo lock kit to secure your bike to a pole or tree or select an anti-theft device such as the "Club" to deter thieves.

Bike accessories can improve your biking experience and keep you and your bike safe at the same time. Shop Sears online or at the store to find affordable and reliable bike accessories before you take off on your next bike riding adventure.



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