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Boat Covers

Boat covers help to keep your vessel looking good. Your boat is an important investment, so you want to protect it from dust accumulation and exposure to the elements. Among boating accessories, a cover is your best bet for taking excellent care of your watercraft. Exposure to the sun can cause fading and cracking over time. Dust and wind-blown particles can harm the boat's finish. Sears carries an extensive selection of boat covers to keep your boat looking shipshape.

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Boat covers keep your water vessel looking good as new

Boat covers ensure that your watercraft stays protected from the elements. At Sears, you can find hundreds of boat covers and other supplies that safeguard your boat while storing it in the off-season. You can even find ones that shield your water vessel from the elements during the boating season. These convenient accessories help keep out additional water and protect the boat or jet ski from the sun.

Protecting your water vessel is part of the regular maintenance routine when you own a boat. Along with washing it and making sure the engine and its parts are in full working order, it's just as important to keep the cover on while you're not using it. While transporting your boat to and from the dock make sure it's covered; otherwise, trees and other debris could scratch the boat or damage the seats. Just like boat first aid kits and life jackets, a boat cover is part of the necessary accessories to have on your boat.

Your boat is not the only vehicle that needs protection. If you have a jet ski or other watercraft, use a cover when hauling it to and from the lake. The covers are UV-resistant and protect any boat, kayak or canoe from sun, rain and snow damage. When storing your watercraft at home, they also protect from accidental scratches or nicks from outside debris. Many covers are specifically designed for each model so that the tarp is fitted to the vessel. A secure, tight tarp allows for greater longevity for your water sport vehicle.

Sometimes, even sunscreen can't stop you from getting burnt in the sun. Avoid the burn and hang out in the sun with a boat top. These attach to your boat and can be lifted or put down just like a convertible top. Boat tops can cover all or part of the boat allowing guests to be in the sun when they choose. Canoeing doesn't allow for a boat top but is perfect for early mornings on the lake or for days when it's not as hot. Sears sells everything you need to stay dry and shaded while still enjoying time on the water.

Boat covers protect your water vessel and other watercraft from the elements. Shop Sears online or at the store for stylish boat covers and accessories for your next boating trip.



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