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Top of line bowling equipment rolls a strike

Sears provides you with all of the bowling equipment that you need, such as bowling balls and towels, that are sure to give you the upper hand at your next league matchup. Whether you enjoy bowling as a hobby or as a serious competitor, find the accessories that you need to reach a higher score at your next game.

Show your love for your favorite professional sports team with one of the many sports-themed bowling balls available at Sears. From the Detroit Lions football program to Major League Baseball's Cincinnati Reds, you can show your team pride when at the lanes. Choose from a variety of sizes and weights that are perfect for everyone in the family.

A quality bowling bag is an accessory that is needed to ensure that your ball is protected during travel. Use the bag to avoid accidental scuffs and scratches caused by rolling in the back of the car or in the trunk. With extra pockets for carrying towels, gloves and other items, the bowling bag is a necessary piece of equipment for every bowler.

Wipe your ball after every throw with a NFL team logo bowling towel. Make sure that every roll down the lane is as smooth as possible by clearing the ball of any debris that it attracts on the lane or in the return system. In addition, these towels are useful for cleaning and buffing the shoes after every game.

Whether online or at the store, Sears provides you with all of the accessories that you need to stay one-step ahead of the competition. Before you head out for league play, make sure that you have everything that you need to score a perfect 300.