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Flashlights & Headlamps

It's time to go on a camping trip. Using camping lanterns to provide light while outdoors is safer than lighting a fire. You don't have to wait to go camping to use lanterns or camping flashlights, either. They're also great for power outages or backyard ambiance. Sears carries lanterns in different sizes and strengths, so whether you want a big-powered lantern that provides plenty of light or a small, subtle lantern for intimate settings, we have it. Remote control versions are convenient to use while LED, battery or gas power options let you choose the power source.

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Find your way with headlamps and camping flashlights

Whether exploring the great outdoors or searching for that tripped circuit, don't get caught unprepared without a flashlight. Having the right type of flashlight for the task at hand matters. All campers should consider bringing with them a lantern on their next excursion. They give off a wide swath of light, which makes setting up a tent and unrolling sleeping bags easy even on a pitch-black night, and they offer a safe alternative to a campfire. Look for models like the Whetstone Multi-Purpose Outdoor Camping Lantern that use a long-lasting LED light source rather than light bulbs, which must be replaced.

While lanterns bathe their surroundings in light, handheld camping flashlights project their light in a narrow cone making them great for illuminating objects in the distance. A pocket-sized LED flashlight can help you find the trail in the dark or search through dim attics back home; consider keeping one in your car for safety as well. If you need more illuminating power or maintain a large outdoor property, a high powered handheld or spotlight will best serve your needs. The Lenser X21 features an amazing 1,120 lumens that allow it to light up an object 1,500 ft. away.

The power and bulk of more powerful camping flashlights are not always needed; sometimes maneuverability is paramount. Headlamps fit snuggly against your forehead or on top of your hat or helmet, shooting light in whichever direction you face and freeing your hands for important tasks. Long favored by spelunkers who need their hands free to operate repelling equipment, headlamps are also perfect for more pedestrian work like making repairs underneath a car or walking dogs. The light source on most headlamps can be manually adjusted to face down so that wearers can see where they want to with having to tilt their heads forward.

Campers, hunters, backpackers or anyone else who spends a hefty amount of time outdoors may want to add more than just a quality flashlight or lantern to their gear. Hiking GPS devices fit latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates, topographical information, maps, and standard instruments like a compass into the palm of your hand. Sears offers a wealth of options from top-of-the-line touchscreen models that can take pictures and relay atmospheric information to starter models that eschew an arsenal of features for the essentials. The Bushnell BackTrack for instance comes with a simple display and only runs on two AA batteries. This super compact GPS can mark a spot and then guide you back to it with a directional arrow that also tells you how far away you are, making it great for finding your way back to your campsite or just finding where you parked the car.

After marking your route, don't forget to prepare for the conditions you'll face. Check out or wide selection of hunting apparel to keep you comfortable no matter the weather. Likewise, hikers need to adapt to the terrain they're facing, and gear like trekking poles can offer better stability and reduce strain on steep trails. No matter if you're looking for a quality flashlight or lantern in case of power outages or you're preparing for a weeklong camping excursion, rely on Sears to provide the equipment you need. Shop sears and begin your adventure today.



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