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Expand outdoor fun with specialty camping equipment

You can camp out under the stars with just a sleeping bag, or you can jazz up your campsite with some of our specialty camping equipment and go camping in real style. We have many little extras that you can put to good use in the outdoors. For example, metal detectors are fun to play around with, and occasionally, that play can become a lifelong hobby. Find old coins, lost rings and other metal objects while you enjoy some outdoor exercise at the beach, a park or in the woods. Our supply of specialty camping products is extensive, and it includes useful items like gas stoves, hot dog forks, hammocks, knives and cooking utensils. Use an air pump to fill your air mattress, or lounge around enjoying the view from your canopy chair next to your cooler. We have hundreds of camping accessories in our store that can expand your outdoor fun, all at affordably low Sears pricing.

For shady relief while you are on the beach or camping, try one of our screen houses or canopies. A screen house is an ideal way to provide shade and an escape from mosquitoes or other flying insects. It can be a fun place for kids to play or to use when attending sporting events. A canopy can also provide shade, and if you cover it with mosquito netting, you get pest protection as well. Screen houses help you have more fun in the outdoors during hot weather spells. Use them to stay cool or for dining in comfort without the typical outdoor bug problems that usually plague picnics. Another way to use your screen house in hot weather is as a cool place to sleep. Add some cots and sleeping bags or blankets, and you can snooze the night away comfortably. Sears has a wide selection of screen houses, canopies and outdoor umbrellas priced affordably low for you.

Sleeping bags can be much more than just a cozy place to spend a night in the outdoors. For those who get lost in the wilderness, a good sleeping bag can be a real lifesaver. We have many types of sleeping bags for you, including down-filled cold weather bags that provide warmth and shelter at extremely low temperatures. For most general usage, a regular sleeping bag from our excellent manufacturers like Coleman, Downright and SnugPak will work for the outing you want to enjoy. We have different styles of sleeping bags, such as the snug mummy bags, double-wide sleeping bags, and we have totes for carrying bags. For added comfort, set up your sleeping bag on a cot or air mattress.

When you are ready to tackle the great outdoors by going camping, we are ready for you with specialty camping equipment and other products to help make your experience a good one. We have a full line of camping equipment and accessories, from metal detectors to screen houses to sleeping bags. Our camping department is filled with affordable camping merchandise from respected makers like Coleman Products. Have your orders delivered, or pick up your camping equipment from your nearest Sears.


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