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      Boxing & Mixed Martial Arts

      Increase Agility and Strength with New Boxing Equipment

      Using the right new boxing equipment makes a big difference when you first begin to train. Even if you are already a seasoned boxer or mixed martial artist, working out with the right equipment helps you get to the next level in the sport. Start your search for high-quality equipment with a look at the new Everlast punching bags. Choose heavier bags to work on punch control, aim and overall strength. Pick lighter bags to exercise your footwork, overall agility and to hone your reflexes.

      Wearing the right types of workout clothes is just as essential as having the right bag to punch. Hayabusa manufactures boxing shorts that feature numerous stretch panels for heightened comfort. They do not restrict your agility during quick footwork and parry charges. The company also makes long-sleeved workout shirts that serve as elbow and back rash guards. Everlast produces boxing shoes with reinforced toes and high ankle protection. A wide variety of accessories further protects your body. Windy produces a gel-filled belly pad that shields your midsection against the impact of punches while Amber markets full-face headgear that places protective padding over your ears, forehead and underneath the eyes.

      If you're a dirt bike enthusiast, you know that investing in the high-quality motocross equipment is important for personal safety. Kali makes a fiberglass-shell helmet that features an integrated airflow system as well as removable liners for easy cleaning. You stay cool and comfortable while wearing this helmet even on hot days. The DOT safety certification guarantees the performance of this headgear. Pair the helmet with other types of protective apparel. Fly Racing's gloves, Leather 1 leather jackets and Moose Racing's split-grain leather boots protect your body during a potential impact.

      If wrestling is your sport of choice, choose functional and safe wrestling equipment that increases your performance. Maga Mall wrestling shoes feature deep grooves for a better footing during bouts. The shoes have a high cut that protects your ankle. The company also manufactures cushioned neoprene knee pads that take the pain out of pinning an opponent for the win. Since the pads adapt to your form as you move and shift, they almost feel like you own personal comfort cushions on the mat.

      Finally, get involved in lacrosse with the basic gear that you need to get started the right way. Champion Sports makes a shoulder pad setup that also includes padding for the front and back of your body. Reebok gloves enhance you grip on the stick while the construction ensures an almost complete range of motion for your fingers. If this is your first time playing the sport, get a kit that includes the stick, a carrying case and eye goggles.

      Put high-performance boxing, motocross, wrestling and lacrosse equipment in your duffel bag by shopping at Sears. When you're equipped with the best, you're sure to outperform the rest in the ring, on the track or on the field.