Skateboarding Protective Gear

      Skateboards are a great way to be active outdoors. While skateboards can be a ton of fun for people of all ages, they can be dangerous if you don't take proper safety precautions. Wear a skateboard helmet and other protective gear to help keep you safe while you're out cruising the streets. Sears has skateboarding pads that come in a variety of sizes to fit children and adults and even come in cool colors so they're more appealing to kids. Wear pads to prevent injuries so that nothing keeps you from enjoying your favorite sports.

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      Help prevent injuries with skateboard helmets and other protective gear

      It's important to wear a full set of protective gear when it comes to extreme sports like skateboarding. This relaxing and easy going sport, also poses certain risks to your body. Sears has all the protective gear you need to prevent serious injury so nothing keeps you from riding with your friends. Find gear like helmets, pads for your knees and elbows, wrist guards and even longboarding gloves. When you wear protective gear, it leaves you with a more confident feeling so that you can focus on your favorite sport instead of worrying about injuries.

      No matter how advanced you are, helmets are extremely important to wear. Kids learning how to skateboard take a ton of tumbles while they're practicing the basics. Adults are more likely to fall while they're performing vertical tricks on skateboarding ramps and rails. Skateboarding helmets tend to be bucket shaped so that they sit tightly on your head and are made out a variety of materials that range in hardness. ABS plastic is a polymer meant to withstand light rough and tumble, so this would be a good option for a young skateboarder. The other three are fiberglass composite, carbon fiber and Kevlar. These are harder-to-break materials which are good for casual and advanced riders performing more dangerous tricks.

      In-line skating protective gear and skateboarding protective gear are similar, they both suggest that you wear elbows and knee pads to prevent injury when you take a tumble. Your knees and elbows are extremely susceptible to bumps and bruises while skateboarding. Although you may not think of those parts of the body as particularly important to protect, they often are the first to hit the ground when you fall. Sears has a huge selection ranging in sizes from toddler to adult, so that everyone is safe and protected when they participate in their favorite extreme sports.

      Longboarding gloves and wrist guards are another important accessory to consider. Snowboarding accessories don't generally include wrist guards because, they teach you to fall on your butt instead of your hands so that you don't injure your wrists. When you longboard, you use similar carving techniques as snowboarding, except instead of being able to grab snow with your hands, you touch the pavement. This is why longboarding gloves are extremely important to wear, you don't want to severely injure your hands if you need to catch yourself or want to steady yourself while you're carving on the pavement. Sears has all the protective gear you need to carve the concrete jungle and glide down the hills while you longboard.

      Finding all the protective gear you need for extreme sports like skateboarding is easy. Simply go to Sears to find helmets, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, longboarding gloves and everything else you need to be able to participate in your favorite sports safely.


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