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      From baseball to football season, you live and breathe with your favorite teams throughout the year. Through all the victories and losses, it's important to have the right fan gear to show your support. The fan shop at Sears has all the sports memorabilia and team apparel to represent almost any sport. Deck out your man cave with decorative banners or find a cool ball cap to wear at your next game. You'll be amazed by the wide variety of college and professional sports' gear so you can root for almost any team in any league.

      No matter which team sport you love most, the fan shop has a large selection of sports memorabilia for your home or office. Cover your desk at work with replica helmets of your favorite college and professional football teams. If your man cave or game room has a sports theme, consider different home décor to make it stand out. Choose from Sears' vast collection of banners, wall hangings and large stadium pictures to furnish any room or bedroom in the house.

      Whether it's indoor or outdoor games, many fans love a good tailgate whenever they're at the stadium. The Sears' fan ship carries plenty of grills and tailgate gear so you and your friends can get ready for game time. While you're in the middle of enjoying grilled food and refreshing beverages, keep the fun going with plenty of games and activities. You'll find everything from bean bag toss to mini-footballs so you can pass the time before kickoff, tipoff or puck drop.

      You like to dress in your favorite team's colors during game time or down time. Sears has all types of fan gear and apparel to wear throughout the year. Sears has hats and clothes for various sports, ranging from mixed martial arts to professional hockey. Your kids might share the same pride in sports like you. Help them show off their team spirit with new lunch bags and backpacks that feature official logos and colors.

      From game-winning touchdowns to go-ahead goals, sports always get your blood going. It's important that you find fan gear to help you support your favorite teams during the year. Sears' fan shop has a wide array of apparel and memorabilia for almost any major sport.