Hydration Equipment

When you are working out, you must stay hydrated in order to stay healthy. Sears has excellent hydration equipment that makes it easy to drink water. We also carry health monitors that keep track of everything from your heart rate to your walking distance. Our portable containers come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some have misting features for you to spray yourself while out on a long run or during a tennis match break. Sears offers leading hydration equipment brands including 3DRose, Klean Kanteen and Johnson Plastics to ensure that you never suffer from dehydration.

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Get your hydration equipment and other workout essentials

Working out is not just about exercising. Many fitness products and accessories are available to supplement, facilitate and aid your workouts. However, with so many options, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Sears is here to help. Whether you are looking for an elliptical accessory, weight rack, gym bag or hydration tool, we have it covered with a comprehensive selection of fitness equipment from trusted brands to suit any need.

When it comes to hydration equipment, technology has evolved considerably. Materials science, product engineering and new methods of creating and testing equipment have rendered water bottles, thermoses, hydration belts, hydration backpacks and numerous other products better suited to your active lifestyle. For example, if you are looking for a hands-free hydration solution, the M-Wave Hydration Pack, Hydrapak Soquel Hydration Pack and similar models are superb options. Such choices work well for a bicycle ride, weekend hike, casual or marathon run, and any other activity where carrying a water bottle will not work. Backpack hydration systems are lightweight, convenient, easy to clean and reusable, meaning they are good for the environment too.

Gym bags have also advanced. Versatility, personalization and reliability are major facets that you should consider when purchasing a gym bag. Searching for a bag that can be used for your shoes and towel at the gym is relatively easy, but you may also want one that can double as a weekend luggage or a quick storage container as well. In such instances, a carrier like the Toppers Travel Sport Gym Bag is the best option. It is sturdy enough to carry around daily, from home to the office to the gym and back. After all, a gym bag should not only hold all your gym essentials but should also be durable for extended use.

For your elliptical machine needs, it is vital to have the right elliptical add-ons. Many of these accessories aim to enrich the quality and ease of exercising with an elliptical machine. Elliptical accessories entail a wide variety of items, among which it may be difficult to select the right accessories for your system. Fortunately, some go-to staples exist that are commonly sought and recommended for most elliptical machines, such as Interlocking Carpet Tiles. Like other interlocking floors, these tiles will protect underlying surfaces from scuffs or other damage that may occur from operating an elliptical machine. Resilience ensures that you have a long-lasting product. These easy-to-assemble interlocking mats are also water-resistant, and they reduce noise and vibration. The soft cushioning also can be used for other floor-based workouts, such as plyometrics and calisthenics.

If you use weights, weight racks can be particularly useful. These space-efficient storage units are available in many variations, sizes and models. Some types include a-frames, tiered racks and plate trees. A freestanding rack like the Weider Olympic-Sized Rack, which allows easy organization of different-sized plates and painless loading and unloading, may work well depending on your needs. Keeping your workout station neat and organized with a weight rack can prevent injuries and contribute to a pleasant esthetic.

Whether you are looking for new hydration tools, elliptical add-ons, weight stands or gym carriers, Sears has a keen and comprehensive supply of fitness tools for all your fitness needs.



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