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Fitness Accessories

Train hard and tone up with the right home exercise equipment

Whether you're setting new fitness goals for the first time or you're continuing to build muscle and maintain a healthy weight, it's easy to keep motivated with fitness accessories you can use in your home or at the gym. If you want to see a real transformation in your body, vary your workouts so you're using all muscle groups instead of just focusing on one target area. Pay attention to your heart rate and increase reps gradually over time so as not to put extra strain on your heart and muscles, and stay hydrated to refuel.

To avoid feeling fatigued and overworked, keep track of your personal stats with a health monitor. There are many types of health monitors, but most standard models conveniently track your number of steps and let you know how many calories you've burned. Choose a health monitor that can sync up with your smartphone so you can access your stats on the go, and input your daily weight and food intake to track your progress even further. More advanced health monitors can also be worn overnight to record your sleeping patterns so you can improve your sleeping habits and feel more energized during the day.

Choose fitness accessories that align with your personal workout regime. If you're just easing into a fitness program with a new schedule or new activity, a basic activity tracker is perfect for safely exercising within your target heart rate zone. Use a pedometer that displays your heart rate on a large, easy-to-read display screen. Some pedometers conveniently double as a watch and provide visual and audio alarms to let you know whether you should speed up or slow down to get the most out of your workout.

Between exercise intervals and throughout the day, don't forget to nourish your body by drinking lots of water. Even if your level of physical activity isn't strenuous, staying hydrated is vital. Since you can't count on there being water fountains everywhere you exercise, particularly if you're taking advantage of the fresh air outdoors, add hydration equipment to your repertoire of must-have fitness accessories. Try a temperature-regulating thermos for hot tea or ice cold water, or add your own ice in a water bottle with a wide opening.

Whether you're shopping for gym flooring so you can create a home gym in your own basement or you need a sports bag with lots of compartments for an after-work stop at your local fitness center, Sears carries the fitness accessories and equipment right for your goals.