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Try rowing machines to improve upper body strength

Water sports are a great way to get your blood pumping. However, when you can't get outside, rowing machines allow you to simulate the action of rowing a boat right in your own living room. Designed to work your whole body as you pull on handles or a pulley, these machines give any basic workout routine a boost. With rowers and other water-related exercise equipment from Sears, you can get fit and stay active any time of year.

Rowing is a great way to build upper body strength, whether with a machine or in a boat. You'll want to have that strength if you're looking to get into outdoor water sports such as kneeboarding or wake boarding. Kneeboards are a good starting point since they allow you to ride in a kneeling position rather than having to stand up. HydroSlide offers boards in a variety of styles and colors to match personal tastes as well as your level of experience. Wakeboard ropes like those from O'Brien are strong and reliable, designed to let you enjoy your kneeboarding experience without worry. Don't forget a pair of protective glasses or goggles to keep water spray out of your eyes as you ride.

When you're ready for a more challenging sport, waterskiing can be a lot of fun. Standing up in the water requires more balance, and you'll want a sturdy rope like those made by the Airhead brand to ensure that you'll stay attached to the boat that's towing you. Since it's not unusual to fall when you're leaning to waterski, a helmet is a smart investment. Gloves keep your hands from blistering or chafing on the tow rope handle, and life vests from Rave Sports ensure that you'll stay afloat even if you lose your balance.

Surf boards give you hours of fun riding ocean waves or simply paddling out into the water. Instead of being pulled along behind a boat, surfing sets you free to move over the surface of the water, cresting each wave as it comes. Build strength and improve balance as you learn to surf on a colorful board from BIC Sports. Change the performance of your board with fin sets from FCS and keep it in top condition with a fresh coat of wax. A Ding All epoxy repair kit fills in scratches and restores a smooth surface for the best possible performance. To transport all of your water sport equipment to the beach without hassle, check out the Rola brand roof racks available for many different car models.

Exercise doesn't have to be a chore. With rowing machines and other challenging fitness equipment, you can get in shape while having fun at the same time. Check out what Sears has in stock to mix up your workouts and bring your exercise program to a whole new level.


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