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      Build stronger leg muscles with steppers from Sears

      Improve your endurance and develop stronger legs with steppers from Stamina and Schwinn. Sears has a full selection of stepper machines that you can use while standing upright or sitting in a chair. Burn calories, and build strong leg muscles all while sitting on the couch with the BetaFlex electric-powered pedaler. It features an LCD monitor that displays your stats as you pedal. With the Multisports Ultimate 2000 stepper, you can adjust the resistance level and get real-time feedback of your steps-per-minute, calories burned and heart rate.

      With stronger leg muscles, you can control surfboards much easier on the open water. We have a ton of waterskiing and boarding equipment for your trip to the beach in summer. As a beginner, learn how to stand correctly and control the board with the entry-level Victoria skimboard. Get the speed and precise control you need when turning on a wave with Kinetik X4 racing fins for your surfboard. In addition to surfboarding equipment, we have accessories such as Team Chow wax remover and Block Surf surfboard wall slings.

      We also have waterskiing equipment and accessories for your trip to the beach or the lake. Protect your head from a high-speed crash into the water with the Mongoose helmet, and keep the water from spraying your face as you ski with Mighty Sport Z04 glasses. We have Airhead trainer skis for beginners, and you can find accessories such as floating fins and wakeboard ropes for your day in the water. Use the Kwik Tek towable accessory to ride along with a friend, and lounge on the Airhead Cool Island raft when you want a break from skiing.

      Water polo equipment comes in handy if you want to play a game in the water with your friends. We have water polo balls in women's, men's and children's sizes, and you use collapsible travel buckets to carry your balls to the pool. In addition to water polo balls, we have DVDs that teach you how to play the game and improve your skills. Invest in Championship Productions "Becoming a Champion Water Polo Player" if you plan to compete professionally or at the university level. With "Water Polo Boot Camp," you can play competitive games and perform drills to improve your performance in the water.

      Develop strong leg muscles with steppers and pedalers, and invest in surfboards to enhance your experience at the beach. Stock up on waterskiing ropes and accessories for the trip, and challenge your friends to a game of water polo in the pool. Find an even bigger selection of fitness equipment and water accessories when you shop online at Sears.


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