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Fitness & Exercise

Save 30% or more on featured fitness equipment!

Savings of 30% or more applies only to featured items Sold by Sears. In-store offer may vary. Advertised savings are valid in-store and online. These discounts are calculated on purchase price of items less discounts and coupons, not including tax, installation or delivery. Offer ends 1/30.

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Stay active at home with fitness and exercise equipment

Fitness and exercise equipment can help both beginners and experts progress through their fitness journey. Rather than packing a bag and driving to the gym, you can stay home and work up a sweat with fitness equipment from Sears. In addition to cardio and strength machines, explore accessories like sturdy gym flooring mats and instructional DVDs. Monitor your routine with a high-tech fitness tracker. Enjoy fitness from home with exercise equipment.

Quality cardio, strength and exercise tools can turn any room into an instant gym. Add a treadmill or elliptical to get the blood pumping. Use the adjustable settings to vary the intensity of any workout. Use a set of dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells to work towards your strength-training goals. For a low-impact alternative, try a yoga kit with blocks and straps. Check your fitness tracker and watch to keep track of your heart rate while challenging your body.

Athletes can work towards unique fitness goals using specialized fitness tools. Pick up some punching bags and MMA gloves to prepare for the next match. The high-quality materials can withstand strike after strike. If you are training for team sports, use agility training gear and resistance tools to prepare for your time on the field. Sears even has stretching aids, like foam rollers and inversion tables, to help the muscles relax after a hard training session. Give every workout your best effort with fitness and exercise tools.