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Get enough cue sticks for the whole family

When you have a billiard table in your game room, you want enough cue sticks to accommodate everyone who wants to play. Sears carries an assortment of cue sticks for use during casual and professional games. We have traditional wooden sticks from McDermott with diamonds and inlay points. We also have Trademark titanium pool cues that feature designer colors and patterns. Many of our cue sticks come with durable brass joints and removable tips for easy replacement.

When investing in cue sticks for your table, check out our billiard balls from Trademark and Sportcraft. We have regulation-size billiard balls in 6-oz. sizes with the traditional stripe and solid color designs. We also carry Aramith bumper pool balls in solid white and red colors. In addition to pool ball sets, you can find billiard racks from Trademark and ADG Source in plain wood or plastic. ADG Source plastic racks feature your favorite sports team along the sides, and Trademark triangles have engraved Coca-Cola logos and university emblems to match your college game room decor.

Depending on the size of your game room, we have mini and regulation-size billiard tables available from East Point Sports and Voit. Place a classic Brunswick Contender Glen Oaks 8-ft. billiard table as the focal point in your game room. It features a woolen tablecloth and comes in 11 colors to complement the style of your room. For smaller game rooms, we have Home Styles 5-ft. pool tables that provide just as much fun as the larger models. You can even find East Point Sports 7-ft. 3-in-1 game tables that offer billiards, air hockey and table tennis in one unit.

Along with cue sticks and billiard balls, invest in billiards accessories for your game room. Get everything you need for your Brunswick pool table with the Iszy Billiards pool table accessory kit. It includes racks, balls, cue sticks and brushes to keep your accessories clean after each use. Trademark also offers pool table accessory kits with wall racks for hanging your cue sticks and chalk to reduce the smoothness on your tips. Organize your cue sticks with the RAM Gameroom pool cue holder, and protect your billiard tabletop when it's not in use with the Wave 7 pool table cover.

Have enough pool cues on hand for people who want to play the game, and replace cracked or faded billiard balls with new balls from Trademark. Entertain your friends and family with a regulation-size Brunswick pool table, and stock up on billiards accessories like chalk and replacement tips. Shop Sears for the best name brand sporting gear and billiards accessories for your game room.



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