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Foosball tables complete your game room

Foosball tables have been staples of European pool halls and neighborhood pubs for almost a century. Now it is your turn to bring one into your personal game room. Choose a 48-inch or 55-inch table. The smaller size is the standard, but the larger tables make play a bit more enjoyable. Occasionally, you can also find a tabletop game that you mount to an existing table. While both styles have their advantages, the stand-alone tables usually come with adjustable legs that make it easy to customize the height of the game to your specifications.

Eight triple chrome-plated bars feature the players that both gamers control. At the end of the bars, rubberized handles let you get a good grip on the players of your team. Look for a manual scoring system to keep track of goals. For maximum enjoyment, opt for a foosball table that allows for three-goalie action. When you and your opponent choose to have a one-goalie game, use corner inserts to facilitate uninterrupted play with the ball. If you want to dress up your game room a bit, invest in a table crafted from mahogany or cherry wood.

Since you are already looking at adding foosball to your game room, do not neglect to take a look at the bowling tables as well. These tables are so narrow that you can easily fit them along the side of any room. Measuring between nine and 22 feet in length, friends of all age groups are sure to enjoy an animated game of skill and precision. Strength and agility do not come into play as much as a keen eye and the ability to aim with the wrist.

The game of darts is another classic addition for the game room. Pubs across the globe feature these boards. This game has become so popular that entire leagues have sprung up. Choose a cabinet board to store your darts when you are not playing. The insides of these cabinets also hold scoreboards to keep track of wins and losses. Choose soft or steel tip darts for the board. Experiment with different weights until you find the types of darts that work best for you.

Another great item to include in your game room is a rod hockey table. It is slightly similar to your foosball table but puts hockey rather than soccer front and center. Unlike foosball, the players are not next to each other on the field. Instead, you control the feet of two players per rod. Upgrade to a table with an automatic scoreboard that lets you track goals and periods. Since the pucks frequently get airborne, choose a domed model whenever possible.

Sears carries an exciting inventory of foosball and bowling tables, darts and rod hockey table supplies. Outfit your game room today with these four exciting games. This initial investment will reward you with years of enjoyment, fun family times and friendly games of skill.



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