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      Get In The Swing With Golf Equipment

      Sears understands that golf is about more than golf clubs and bags. That's why you'll find a wide selection of golf accessories to choose from before you even think about heading to the golf course.

      Take a look at the selection of golf gloves available at Sears. Gloves perform two vital functions for a golfer: They provide a solid grip and protect the hands from callouses and other injuries. If your hands aren't healthy, you can't play golf. Consider some of the comfortable yet flexible leather choices offered by leading companies like Orlimar and Trufit.

      Of course, there's no golf if you don't have golf balls. Sears provides several choices, including the Nitro Blaster golf balls made by Tour 2.

      If your golf game isn't in the shape you'd like, come to Sears for a huge selection of training aids that can translate into lower scores on the course. Whether it's a putting green or pop-up tent that lets you practice those difficult chip shots over and over, training aids can help you lower your golf score.

      Even after you have your equipment and training aids, you still may not be ready to head over to the golf course. Are you in shape to walk 18 holes? You can't play your best if you are constantly getting out of breath during a round of golf. Increase your cardiovascular fitness by picking up an ellitptical or treadmill at Sears. Industry leader NordicTrack offers a variety of choices to get in the shape you need to handle 18 holes of golf on a hot day.

      Golf is a great game that's fun to play. At the same time, you can also get an excellent workout. For all the golf accessories and equipment you may need, along with the exercise equipment to get into golf shape, Sears is the place to go.


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