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      Find a Wide Selection of Golf Bags and Carts at Sears.

      People around the world enjoy golf as not only a good source of exercise but as a very relaxing activity as well. If you or someone you know plays golf, make sure they have all of the equipment they need to enjoy every round they play. Sears carries several models and brands of golf bags and carts to satisfy a golfer of any skill level.

      Anyone who owns a set of golf clubs knows how important a good golf bag can be. Not only do golf bags protect your clubs from the elements, but they also carry all of the extra golf balls, golf tees, golf towels, golf gloves and other golf accessories you need to complete a round. Sears carries several brands of golf bags and golf carts to help you carry your equipment around the course.

      One of the best feelings as a golfer is to simply complete a round that you have walked. Not only is it a display of stamina, but it also is the way the game was meant to be played. All of you golf purists can find a wide selection of carry bags at Sears. Carry bags hold a full set of 14 clubs and still have room to hold an umbrella, accessories and valuables in their many pockets. Most carry bags utilize a two-sling suspension system that will give you comfort and stability while you're walking the course. Many carry bags have built-in stands that will allow you to keep your bag off the ground while you are taking your shots.

      The invention of golf carts and cart bags have certainly made life easier for golfers. Cart bags usually don't have extra wheels or stand equipment attached to them because they are designed specifically to ride in the back of your golf cart. Although this makes most cart bags unsuitable for walking, this also means that cart bags usually have much more storage space than carry bags. Most cart bags have several pockets, an additional detachable valuables pocket, an umbrella holder and a putter well. You should always be able to access any pocket of a good cart bag no matter if it's on a motorized or a pull cart.

      Playing golf doesn't always have to be an expensive proposition. Shop at Sears for incredible bargains on all the golf equipment you need, including golf bags and carts.


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