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Roller skates provide a fun twist on fitness

Roller skates are fun for everyone in the family, regardless of age or how you're using them. Whether you use them leisurely for getting around town, derby, roller hockey or solely for exercise, Sears has skates that will fit everyone's needs. Roller blading is also a great way to spend time with your family. Get everyone together and roller blade to the nearest ice cream shop for some bonding time. Roller blades bring people together for exercise and entertainment.

There are a few different kinds of roller blades to choose from, the leisure in-line skate, street blades and derby skates. Use leisure skates for general exercise and a way to get around town. Street blades are used for roller hockey and like skateboards, are ideal for riding rails and ramps. Because there is no break on the skate, it doesn't get in the way while sliding on rails and rolling down ramps. Four-wheeled derby skates are the best for use in roller rinks. These aren't meant to go fast, but have the most stability. Whatever the use, Sears has skates for every member of your family.

Protective gear should always be worn while you and your family members are using your skates. Sears has helmets, elbow, knee, wrist and other pads so that you can take the proper precautions while you enjoy rollerblading. When goalies are on their hockey skates, they wear a full set of protective gear. This should also be the case when goalies play roller hockey. Flying pucks can hit at top speed and without chest protectors, helmets and other gear, you could become seriously injured. All in-line skaters should be wearing protective gear, not just goalies. You may be a careful skater, but you can't always control your surroundings.

All sports require accessories and roller skating is no exception. When the blades on ice skates are worn down and past the point where sharpening will help, they need to be replaced. So is the case with roller skates and their wheels. Once they are worn down to a certain point, they require replacement. Bearings are also important accessories to keep on hand. Loose bearings can cause a wobbly wheel or loosen a wheel enough to fall off. It's a quick fix, so having bearings on hand will make it keeping your skates in good condition an easy process.

Roller skates are a great way to exercise, get around town and bring the family together. Sears has a pair of skates no matter your interest. Find the perfect roller blades and the accessories to go with it, for all the members of your family.



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