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Zoom in with optics from Sears

During the hunt, get a close-up view of your surroundings and nearby prey with optics and binoculars from Sears. You'll find a full collection of powerful optics such as monoculars and night vision equipment that will help you see farther, day or night. Find microscopes and rangefinders for viewing microscopic and distant objects. Many of our binoculars feature automatic and manual focusing, and you can find compact and full-size binoculars for carrying on the hunt.

Monoculars produce a 2-D image which may not be ideal for a sporting event, but are useful when trying to find your target in a forest. Monoculars are also extremely lightweight in comparison to binoculars. When you've been crouched behind your hunting blinds all day, simply hang it around your neck and forget about it until you need it. Binoculars produce a 3-D image so you can see the angles of your target better. Binoculars also allow you to gather more information on what habitat you're hunting and what species is approaching your hunting grounds. Sears has a wide variety of monoculars and binoculars to suit all your hunting needs.

Telescopes are great for stargazing and seeking out game in a forest or other hunting habitat. Sears has both reflector and refractor telescopes. Reflectors are built with two mirrors that project an image through the eyepiece. Reflector scopes are often less expensive, harder to transport without chance of damage and can often create blank spots when looking over certain areas than refractor scopes. Refractors are built with a glass lens that the image is refracted through to the eye piece. While these are usually more expensive than other models, they have low maintenance, are easily transported and thorough when catching the entire image. Whether you're in your bedroom or out on your hunting tree stand, find the telescope and other optics that are right for you.

Rangefinders can be divided into two main types: digital and laser. Digital rangefinders are slightly less accurate and can be used in any habitat. Digital rangefinders don't need anything to bounce the signal off of to read the distance. For laser, these devices use infrared beams that bounce off of something and then record how long it takes for the signal to come back to the device. These are more accurate, but only if there is nothing obstructing the view. You can use rangefinders as hunting equipment, golfing equipment and more. Sears has a variety of optics that will fit any needs, no matter the hobby or profession.

When it comes to extending your range of sight, you'll find a variety of products that can help you see far and wide. Find all your optical gear for hunting, fishing, astronomy and all the other activities you love from Sears.



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