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      Boating accessories add safety features and fun to your boating trips

      Get the most out of your boating adventures with the right boating supplies and accessories. If you need to protect your boat from the weather or want to add unique and engaging boat accessories, we have all of the boating items you need.

      Jumping into the water during the heat of the day is bound to cool you off. With a wakeboard and wakeboarding rope, you can have your friends pull you behind the boat. Using a wakeboard is an easy way to stay active on the water during the summer months. Like the lines on fishing poles, wakeboarding ropes are deceivingly strong. These ropes are made specifically for carrying the weight of a person on the water while moving at high speeds. They have sturdy handles with optimum grip technology so you can ride comfortably and hit all your tricks on the waves.

      If you own a jet ski or other name brand watercraft, protect your vehicle when in stow with classic accessories or a boat cover. These covers pull tightly over the watercraft and are made of UV resistant fabric that protect against the elements. Boat covers also protect your boat seats from summer storms and the other damaging elements. In addition, you can reduce inside moisture that may lead to rusting and mechanical failure. Sears also sells anchors to make sure your boat stays docked in place. Rocky water can move your boat around the lake or ocean, so drop an anchor to ensure the placement and protection of your boat. Dry packs are a must for any outing; store your phone, wallet and any other important item in there to keep it safe and dry.

      You don't need a large boat to enjoy the lake; you can have just as much fun in a canoe as you can on a yacht. With a fiberglass canoe and one or two paddles, you can row from one end of the pond, lake or river to the other with ease. Invest in two paddles for kayaking with a friend, or choose a double-sided curved paddle for solo canoeing trips.

      With a few boating accessories, you can protect your craft from damage or add to the excitement of riding the waves. Shop Sears for affordable boating accessories and other supplies that you need for your next voyage.


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