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Enjoy backyard comfort with hammocks from Sears

Relaxing outdoors can become a more enjoyable pastime when you can spend hours in one of our hammocks, patio gliders or happily seated on our casual patio chairs. Hammocks have always been an easy fix for fatigue; just set one up between supports and stretch out for a nice rest or nap. Single hammocks are perfect for a satisfying nap by yourself, while double hammocks let you and that special someone spend time relaxing side-by-side.

If you live in a hot climate, rope hammocks are a good option for you. The open weave of the sling allows air circulation, keeping you cool as you lounge. String up one of these lightweight hammocks in the shade of a leafy tree or gazebo, install an outdoor mister to blow cooling vapor over you and you'll beat the heat no matter how hot the weather.

Chair hammocks are yet another fun option that is gaining popularity. Many of our casual patio chairs and outdoor dining sets feature deep cushioning for extra comfort. Our swivel rockers and patio gliders are always in high demand whenever family and friends visit. Be sure you have enough chairs at your next social event from famous furniture designers like Ty Pennington, Lexington and La-Z-Boy.

When you are ready for total relaxation, have a seat on our patio gliders. These are even more fun than a rocker because you have the gentlest of to-and-fro motion to soothe every bit of your fatigue away. Many patio gliders are also combined with a swivel action, which is nice to use when you are talking with several people on different sides of your chair. Many of our designer patio gliders are so beautiful that you will want to have them inside your home. Select upholstery styles with deep cushions, traditional wood or metal gliders, high-back gliders or double glider patio chairs. Patio gliders are available in brilliant colors and in peaceful neutrals, so you have many design options.

Of course, even the mildest of springs and summer have days that are too hot, cool or rainy to spend a lot of time outside. Don't sacrifice comfort when you're napping indoors; bring home a memory foam mattress from Sears. The advanced foam padding adapts to the contours of your body, cradling you in perfect comfort. Looking for something bouncier? Try a pillowtop mattress with a built-in layer of plush padding that you'll love to sink in to.

Create a backyard or patio retreat designed for pure relaxation by adding hammocks, gliders and our casual patio chairs and accessories to your outdoor living areas. There is always room on the deck for a set of patio gliders or casual patio chairs. We have them all at Sears, ready to be delivered or for you to pick up at your convenience.


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