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Stock up on essential hunting and fishing gear

To an avid fisherman, it is important to have the best fishing gear and supplies ready to go after that elusive big one. Our sporting goods department is stocked full of fishing essentials for beginners to experts. Choosing from our big selection of rods, reels, line, waders and other types of fishing gear is a delight for youngsters and oldsters who enjoy this sport. We also carry boating equipment, yet another essential for those who are serious about going after the one that got away last time. Before you get into that new boat or kayak from Sears, gather up your boating gear. We have important accessories like life jackets, sized for every member of your crew. Use dry packs to keep personal items, your GPS, cell phone, camera and other important items safe and dry. We have many styles of dry packs, including belt packs, pocket and wallet packs, and we have packs on lanyards that are convenient to carry anywhere. Take along an air pump for flotation devices and a cover for your motor or the boat. We have it all in our sporting goods department.

For dry land sportsmen and sportswomen, we have plenty of hunting accessories. When you are up and about in the wee hours of the morning, you will appreciate having our flashlights, handheld spotlights and flood lights to help you get out to your favorite hunting spot. Be sure to take along a game camera by Bushnell or Cuddeback. You can take time lapse photos of local game activity in advance of your hunting trip and know where and when the best opportunities are when you do return to hunt. We stock gun cleaning kits and storage gear, including gun cases, safes and tool kits. Our ear protectors and protective eyewear are important for shooting sports as are gun accessories like sights and bipod stands. We have pistol holders, cleaning oil, canteens and vests. In short, we have everything you need to have a safe and fun hunting trip.

Whether you are spending a day hiking, camping, fishing, hunting or just sightseeing, when you have binoculars, you will see more on your journey. Binoculars allow you to get an up-close view of things you might otherwise miss, such as that big buck feeding in a distant meadow. If you enjoy nighttime star gazing, a Celestron telescope will help you see deep into the starry night. Fishermen can appreciate our BetaOptics binoculars that have a compass and are fully waterproof. We stock many sizes and styles of binoculars from Bushnell, Nikon and other famous manufacturers. Small and lightweight binoculars are ideal for hiking and backpacking. If you are hunting, you might want to use full size binoculars on a stand to track your targets. You can find high quality optical equipment to use in every type of sports activity, affordably priced at Sears.

You will enjoy shopping for fishing gear and equipment for all sporting activities at Sears. You can depend on us to have the accessories and gear you want for hunting, boating and other outdoor activities, priced for every budget. We offer fast delivery service to you, or you can come pick up orders at our store.