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If you're in the military, law enforcement or enjoy hunting game at night, you'll love the high-performance night vision equipment from Sears. There's high quality gear available so you can scout your hunting territory at night to see what's there or use night vision rifle scopes to hunt varmints. Our huge selection of hunting equipment includes everything you need for the best hunting season yet. Whether it's hunting pesky predators or scoping out your stomping grounds, find all the night vision optics you need to get the job done in the dark.

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See in the dark with night vision equipment

Night vision equipment is no longer used only by military and police personnel. Affordable night vision optics is employed by outdoor enthusiasts, paintball players and game rangers alike. Night vision monoculars and goggles are now affordable enough for any hobbyist. Professional-grade night vision equipment is designed for tactical use with superior light-gathering optics and materials that resist shock and moisture. While it's illegal to hunt most game animals at night, night vision rifle scopes are ideal for taking aim in the dark at coyotes, raccoons and other varmints. Sears has the night vision you need to remove those frustrating animals from your property.

Monoculars that feature night vision technology can help you quickly distinguish does from bucks when deciding whether to shoot, and they're enjoyed by nocturnal bird-watching enthusiasts, as well. These lightweight, compact tools are very portable. Just hang it around your neck on a string so that you have it on you in case you hear your game approaching. Those with better optics, shock-resistant housings and fog proof design are a better choice for the avid outdoorsman. Night vision monoculars work well for hunting coyotes or tactical use. Just stand on your back porch and wait for a pesky raccoon to attack your garbage cans and then shoot the varmint with your pellet gun. Find all the night vision equipment you need like monoculars and other optics.

If you find that you're using your monocular often enough, and the 2-D images aren't doing the trick, then consider investing in a pair of night vision binoculars. While binoculars might not be able to tell you how far your target is, like a rangefinder, it will significantly increase your chances of hitting your target. If you're using your binoculars for security purposes, then having the 3-D outline of what is approaching is key. This way determining who or what is coming towards you is easy so that you can quickly decide what response is appropriate. Whether you're securing the premises or seeking out varmint, check out night vision optics at Sears.

Another way to determine who or what is approaching you is by using thermal imaging scopes. Sears carries a number of models that are ideal for hunting or security. These detect the radiant heat of your target and the shape. Imaging scopes aren't 3-D, but when you know how much heat is being emitted from the animal, it's easy to tell what species your target is. From your hunting tree stands thermal scopes make it easy to seek out a hiding animal. In the winter when it gets darker earlier, prolong your hunt with a thermal imaging scope.

Whether you need to see deer in the brush or a pin on the green and know its distance before you can take aim. Look for high-performance night vision optics from trusted brands. Improve your vision today with quality equipment for tomorrow's hunt.


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