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      Optics & Binoculars

      Zoom in with optics and binoculars from Sears

      During the hunt, get a close-up view of your surroundings and nearby prey with optics and binoculars from Sears. We carry a full collection of powerful optics such as Bushnell monoculars and Night Optics night vision equipment. We also have microscopes and rangefinders for viewing microscopic and distant objects. Many of our binoculars feature automatic and manual focusing, and you can find compact and full-size binoculars for carrying on the hunt or for viewing your team down on the sports field.

      Stay hidden from prey during the hunt with camouflaged hunting blinds from Big Game and Ameristep. Select from veil covers to full-size hunting blinds that provide enough interior space for two people. In addition to hunting blinds, we have BigFoot ghillie poncho suits that camouflage you into your surroundings. Use the AHI ground blind to stay close to your prey, or opt for the AHI camo tree stand to get a birds-eye view of your surroundings. Whether you prefer an interlocking camo hut or a doghouse blind, you can stay hidden from prey while on the hunt.

      Hunting treestands come in handy when you need a wider viewing distance of your environment. The Bucklake Post treestand features a padded seat for added comfort while you wait for game to pass. Most treestands have safety bars and straps that prevent you from falling out of the tree. Select from seat-only and footrest treestands depending on your preference, and invest in additional accessories such as harnesses and straps for added safety. We also have Ol'Man treestands with ladders that provide a convenient way to climb up and down the tree without safety harnesses.

      Along with treestands and blinds, we carry hunting apparel and accessories to improve your hunting trip. We have camouflaged bibs, jackets and other hunting apparel to remain hidden from prey, and you can find Carbon Express crossbows and arrows for hunting deer or turkey. Display your guns at home with an American Furniture Classics gun rack, and keep your handgun out of the reach of children with a gun vault. We have scopes for your rifle and targets for practicing your aim. From Thermologic heated vests to Big Game trophy boxes, find the apparel and accessories you need for your hunting trip.

      Invest in binoculars, range finders and other optics for your hunting trip, and stay hidden from view with a camouflaged hunting blind. Get a better view of your surroundings with a hunting treestand, and stock up on arrows and other hunting supplies for your trip. Shop at Sears for even more affordable hunting supplies and sporting goods for your outdoor adventures.