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      Outdoor Games

      Get the Family Actively Involved with Outdoor Games

      It is never too early to get the whole family actively involved playing outdoor games you bring home from Sears. We have hundreds of exciting games to enjoy in the backyard, at the beach or anywhere else you visit. Badminton, volleyball, horseshoes, bocce ball and bean bag toss are just some of our most popular games for family fun; there are many more you can view in your local Sears store or online.

      Set up a net in your backyard and play volleyball with family or friends for hours of team fun. Sears carries hundreds of games that groups can play, and we have dozens of individual games as well. Horseshoes is one such game you can play alone or with friends. Have fun when you practice balancing on a Carrom Balance Board, or bring the gang together indoors for a classic challenge at your shuffleboard table. To catch the interest of the kids, make sure they start their bicycling sports experience riding on our big wheels riding toys. Outdoor games can be practiced throughout a lifetime; it is never too early to get kids interested in sports activities they can enjoy into adulthood.

      Some outdoor games are larger and require a lot of space. Try our badminton and volleyball combination games to get groups involved in team sports. Some of these games have nets designed to set up in the across your driveway if you want a hard surface to play on. Bean bag toss is another popular game that anyone can play, including the kids. For big outdoor fun, bring home one of our trampolines. We carry these in several sizes, including mini-trampolines and full-size ones that are enclosed with safety netting. Many of our outdoor games are easily packed up, so you can take them with you to the park or beach.

      Involve the children in outdoor games that you select from our huge collection at Sears. Start with simple games like bean bag toss or a Gym Dandy Teeter Totter. Being involved in sports is a healthy activity that can bring them lifetime benefits of fitness. They also learn about being on a team, cooperation and fairness. We have hundreds of outdoor toys they will also love, like our outdoor playsets that look like a fort and include ladders, swings, slides and secret hideaways. Once they know the basics, they will be ready for more adult outdoor games like horseshoes, badminton, volleyball and bocce ball.

      Families that play together have more fun, outdoors and indoors. Get them all involved with exciting and affordable outdoor games from Sears. Choose your favorites for adults and children from hundreds that we carry, all ready for pick-up or delivery. Always be prepared with many outdoor games for groups or to enjoy on your own.