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Outdoor Games

Jumpstart family fun with outdoor games

Nothing ensures good memories at a backyard or beach gathering like a selection of outdoor games. Badminton, volleyball, horseshoes, bocce ball and kids' bean bag toss are some of the most popular games for family fun. Set up a net in your backyard and play volleyball with family or friends for hours of team fun. Sears carries dozens of games that groups can play, as well as a great selection of individual games. 

Horseshoes is one game you can play alone or with friends. Some outdoor games are larger and require a lot of space. Try our ladder toss game and volleyball combination games to get groups involved in team sports. Some of these games have nets designed to set up across your driveway if you prefer a hard surface to play on. Ball toss games are another popular game that anyone can play, including the kids.

For big outdoor fun, bring home a trampoline. We carry these in several sizes, including mini-trampolines and full-size ones that are enclosed with safety netting. Many of these outdoor games and toys are easily packed up, so you can take them with you to the park or beach. Choose your favorites for hours of enjoyment for adults and kids.