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Add bocce ball to your backyard fun repertoire

Bocce ball is an easy game that anyone can lean quickly. The setup of the game is quite simple: Just divide your players into two teams, draw a foul line into the sand, hand each team leader four balls and throw the target ball across the line. Now, each team will try to get the balls as close to the target ball without actually touching it. You can tell that folks enjoy the game by all the hooting and hollering that accompanies the throws. Sears carries sets by Trademark, Franklin Sports and Playaboule.

Since this game only requires a minimal amount of setup, you can play it pretty much as soon as you take it out of the package. Bocce sets can be used at the beach, in the backyard or at a tailgate party in a huge parking lot. These sets come in a variety of colors. Add another fun twist to the game by playing with lighted balls in the evening. Kids in particular will love this fun way of playing bocce. Depending on the number of guests you usually invite for parties, stock up on some additional backyard games for entertainment before and after any meal.

Keep in mind the ages of the guests who will join you. Kids and teens will enjoy tetherballs that you can hang from a tree branch or a rack. Tetherballs come alone with strings and in sets that contain easy-to-assemble racks. Teeter totters and bounce houses provide hours of fun for the youngest guests. Bean bag toss setups are for players of all ages. While a bocce game is going on in the backyard, set up a croquet set in the front. This game used to be reserved for the entertainment of genteel adults during house parties in the country. Now you can easily set up the game anywhere else where there is some grass.

Just like bocce sets, croquet games come in practical carrying cases so that you can transport them to the park to play with friends. If bocce and croquet still leave you a bit of space to work with, give ladder golf a try. Game sets contain two ladders and two sets of three bolos. Draw a foul line and then throw the bolos in an attempt to get them to hang from the rungs of the ladders. Bocce, croquet and ladder golf are the types of games you can set up in your back and front yards with ease. Use them when entertaining friends of all ages or hosting a child's birthday party.

Sears carries a large inventory of bocce ball setups, backyard games, croquet and ladder golf sets. These games are for nature outings and backyard parties. Just pick up one or more games in the morning, and play the games with your friends in the afternoon.



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