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Ready for action with paintball and airsoft guns

If you are new to sports involving projectiles, you are sure to appreciate the wide variety of paintball and airsoft guns from Sears. Tippmann manufactures a paintball fun package that includes a reliable manual-trigger paintball gun as well as an anti-fog paintball mask and a spring-loaded hopper. An excellent package for a novice who is just starting out in the sport, there are also plenty of paintball guns for the seasoned player. If you need a full-auto fire mode to coax more firepower out of your gun, the Dangerous Power E1 might be right up your alley.

When airsoft guns are your hobby shooter of choice, look for the price range to help you decide on an entry-level model. Spending between $100 and $160 usually gets you a solid model that lets you hold your own in a variety of combat reenactments. If you want to test the waters and see if the sport is to your liking in the first place, stay under the $100 price tag. UKARMS is one of the manufacturers that produce spring-powered shotguns as well as bolt-action sniper rifles below this cost. Although not required, it is a good idea to choose a model with an orange tip, which differentiates the shooter from a real firearm.

If you prefer the more physical sports of mixed martial arts or boxing, remember to invest in high-quality boxing protective gear. One of the most important pieces of equipment is shock-absorbing headgear. A soft head covering features multiple layers of foam and covers the ears, chin and cheeks. An abs guard covers the hip, groin and kidney areas for protection against blows. Adjust it to your body size with strings and lacing. Gel shin guards protect the front of your legs while sparring in the ring.

Practice your best combinations with punching bags. Weights range from 70 pounds to 100 pounds. In addition to traditional heavy bags, Sears also carries speed bags that let you build up your stamina as well as your punch delivery. Unless you have installed hooks in a ceiling joist, get a bag stand to hold the training aid. Just remember to wear protective gear even when you are just sparring with a punching bag.

Motocross helmets protect your head when dirt bikes are your sports equipment of choice. Look for the DOT or Snell safety standards sticker that certifies the helmet as being safe. Helmets come in four generic sizes and buckle below your chin with a strap. Look for easy-to-remove lining and pads, which makes it easy to wash away the off-road grime that finds its way into your helmet. Fly Racing is a manufacturer that emphasizes cooling comfort with multi-port air induction.

Sears carries a wide range of paintball and airsoft guns, boxing protective gear, punching bags and motocross helmets. When you love extreme sports, buying the right gear makes the difference between nursing an injury and getting ready for another outing in the morning.



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