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Strengthen your entire body with rowers from Sears

If you want to build strong arms and legs, then check out rowers for your home gym. Sears carries a full selection of rowing machines for strengthening the muscles in your arms, legs, back and core. Select from rowers with free motion arms and bands, or opt for the BodyCraft VR100 air rowing machine, which includes a built-in console that displays your stats and vital signs. In addition to rowers, we have steppers for isolating the muscles in your legs. Build your muscles, and improve your stamina with rowers and steppers from Sears.

Using rowers strengthens your upper and lower body, but swimming also tones your muscles and increases your stamina. Whether you enjoy the local pool or you plan to vacation at the beach, we have scuba training aids that enhance your experience in the water. Lie on the Spongex pool float, and use your leg muscles to direct you around the pool. We also have Finis foam kickboards for adults, and you can find AquaJogger traveler belts for staying afloat while learning how to swim.

Playing water games also strengthens the muscles in your entire body. Whether you play professionally or casually with friends, we have water polo equipment such as Mikasa balls and dry-erase coaching boards to get you in the water and playing the sport. Mikasa balls come in a variety of sizes for use in men's, women's and children's water polo sports. You can also find DVDs that teach you how to improve your water polo skills. Check out "Water Polo Boot Camp" for games and exercises that build muscle strength and increase your competitive drive.

We have other sports equipment to help you improve your muscle strength and increase your stamina and endurance. You can find track and field equipment such as Amber shotputs and JoJo discuses, and we have padded incline ramps and folding exercise mats for performing aerobics and other exercises. If you love water sports, then invest in Mikasa basketballs and volleyballs for use in the pool. In addition to water sports, we have soccer and lacrosse equipment for use at professional tournaments or in the backyard with friends. Whether you enjoy basketball or water polo, find the sports equipment you need to have fun and stay in shape.

Build a strong upper body, and tone your legs and midsection with rowers and stepping machines. Invest in scuba training aids for your trip to the pool or the beach, and pack along water polo equipment to start a game with friends in the pool. Shop online at Sears for an even more affordable collection of fitness equipment and swimming accessories.



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