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Hit the water with scuba fins from Sears

The human foot simply wasn't made for the water. Swimming and diving fins allow you to move through the water with ease, and whether you're an experienced scuba diver or you want a simple set of fins for the family pool, you need efficient, comfortable footwear with a smart design. Sears carries a large assortment of scuba supplies from well-known brands to help you get suited up for your next trip. We offer various types of fins designed for different types of swimming, and whether you're a novice or an expert, you can find the perfect gear by browsing through our large selection.

If you're heading out on a scuba expedition, you should understand how the shape and design of your fins can affect your mobility underwater. Open-foot products lock to your scuba boots during your dives, greatly decreasing your chances of accidentally kicking off a fin while closed-foot fins are significantly lighter and less expensive. The shape of your fins is also important. Split fins like Oceanic Vortex's V-8 series offer improved hydrodynamics over classic paddles, but you should experiment with a few different products to find comfortable, light footwear that works for you. Be sure to pick up pairs of neoprene socks and scuba gloves to keep yourself warm during your longer dives.

Fins aren't just for scuba divers. High-quality snorkeling fins help you move quickly while you're watching the fish at your favorite underwater spots. The Aqualung snorkeling set from US Divers provides footwear, snorkels and other essentials. It's a great option if you're heading out on the water for the first time, but you can also buy fins on their own if you've already got your own gear. Look for snug-fitting footwear, but since you'll spend most of your time on the surface of the water, you probably won't need neoprene socks or other extra accessories to stay warm.

Sears also carries casual fins and specialty swimwear. Choose from our selection of fun, brightly colored fins for adults and children to add some excitement to your next day at the pool. Aqua Sphere's ErgoFlex fitness paddles give you improved resistance for fast muscle growth, and small workout fins like National Geographic's Seahorse help you get noticeable results from your aerobic exercise. Sears also has life vests, swim caps and dozens of other must-have accessories. Whether you're looking to improve your lap times or you're hitting the lake for the weekend, we've got you covered.

Browse our website to view dozens of products from Storm Accessories, National Geographic and other well-known brands. When you shop with Sears, you can find high-quality, comfortable scuba fins and other swimwear at a great price.



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