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Aqua Zooka Inflatables & Pool Toys

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For fun and training, use inflatable pool toys

At Sears, you will find many inflatable pool toys that are good for water sports training and for fun. We have many styles of air mattresses and pool float mats to bring you hours of enjoyment on the water. Our selection of fun float toys for kids and adults to ride on includes many larger ones, like the Swimline Sea-Saw Rocker for two people. Inflatable swim rings can mean hours of play for kids of all ages. Many of our inflatable pool toys can also be used as swimming training aids. Our Swimtime Swimline Labyrinth Island inflatable pool toy features swim-through holes. Kids have fun playing on top of this toy, but they also can learn to get comfortable swimming underwater to come up through the openings. We also have scuba training aids, such as Finis foam kickboards, hand paddles and swim fins. Use detailed Franko dive maps, protective clothing and underwater gear for your scuba diving adventures. If you need swim caps, goggles, nose clips or ear plugs, we have them in stock in our sporting goods department.

Swimming and water trampolines naturally are a fun combination. Water trampolines are designed as a floating island that you can use for jumping into the water. Some are flat-surfaced, giant inflatable toys while others resemble an ordinary trampoline with an elasticized surface material that is attached to a floating border. Combine many pieces, like floating logs and slides, to create additional challenges. At Sears, we have many different sizes and shapes to choose from. Aviva makes large water trampolines, including some that are 25 feet in diameter. Seams are heat and radio frequency welded for extra durability. Many of these water trampolines are constructed with commercial-grade materials and have a lifetime warranty.

Any swimming pool will be more fun for everyone if you have a good supply of pool toys and dive games available. The Swim Ways Submergibles Dive Set Sticks are a great way to introduce kids to learning how to swim underwater. Young children will also enjoy playing our Feed The Fish game from Buzz Bee Toys. Intex has an inflatable Water Wheel swimming pool toy and Twisty Tubes for all who want to have more fun in the pool. Ride-on inflatable toys are favorites for children and adults. Come on down and pick out some fun pool toys before your next poolside gathering or trip to the lake.

Adding inflatable pool toys to your swimming pool means more fun for everyone, but it also is a good way to train new swimmers or scuba enthusiasts. Find everything necessary to help keep your swimming pool healthy and ready for action and Sears. We can deliver your orders to your location, or you can come to the store to pick up your orders.



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