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Get fit with weight training aids from Sears

Build your home gym with weight training aids and accessories to enhance your workouts. Sears offers more than 500 weight and strength training aids from bench racks to massage rolls. Witness bigger gains and increased muscle strength when you use Fat Gripz thick training bars, and strengthen your core to the max with a Pure Global abs crunch bench. We have Amber neoprene dumbbell sets for warm-up exercises and for adding weight to your cardio workout. From adjustable hand grips to 12-minute toning sets, find the training aids you want for your home gym at Sears.

Along with weight training aids, stock your home gym with sports safety accessories. Wipe down your equipment after each use with Shock Athletic antibacterial wipes, and protect your knees when doing floor exercises with Ronson Corp leather kneepads. We have LED safety lights that warn oncoming cars of your presence when running at night, and you can find Regent catchers' mitts and other sports accessories when you want to play outdoors. Whether you want a kneepad or a mouth guard, we have safety accessories to protect you while training.

While neoprene dumbbells and similar weight training aids provide an extra element to your workout, you can maximize your exercise program even more with weight benches. You have the choice between standard and Olympic weight benches, both offering similar features such as leg curl bars and recline seats. With a Marcy standard bench, you get 80 pounds of vinyl weights to use with the barbell rack or on the leg curl bar. A Valor Athletics Olympic bench supports Olympic-style weight plates, and it comes with safety bars in case you can't lift the weight back to the starting position.

We also have ePersonal training equipment for your home gym. You want to dedicate certain days of the week to cardio training, and Horizon Fitness treadmills help you burn more calories in only 15 minutes. Whether you want to lose weight or maintain your physique, Exerpeutic recumbent bikes provide the resistance you need to improve your cardiovascular system and burn calories. We have indoor bicycle trainer stands, so you can bring your bike inside and enjoy the benefits of riding when the weather keeps you indoors. From stair steppers to resistance bands, add some cardio exercise equipment to your home gym.

Improve your workout even more with dumbbells and other weight training aids. Use sports safety accessories like LED running lights when you plan to run at night, and invest in weight benches and ePersonal training equipment to maximize your workouts. Find an even bigger selection of affordable strength and fitness equipment when you shop online at Sears.



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