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Medicine Balls

Introducing weighted medicine balls to your fitness program helps you improve strength and stamina. When you exercise with weights, you force your body to work harder. Sears stocks a variety of colorful medicine balls and kettlebells from brands you know such as NordicTrack and EcoWise. These exercise aids feature a round weighted core that you hold with both hands. Kettlebells include a top handle while most medicine balls must be gripped on either side. Building strength using weights makes everyday tasks such as carrying laundry, picking up after the kids and mowing the lawn that much easier.

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Medicine balls work all of the muscles in your body

Performing medicine ball exercises gives you a full body workout and strengthens the muscles in your legs, arms and core. Sears has hundreds of medicine balls from NordicTrack and Body Solid that range from two to 30 pounds. Hold a medicine ball over your head, and perform side bends to strengthen your side oblique muscles. Use an Aeromat dual grip medicine ball to perform lunges and squats. Aeromat balls feature side handles that improve your grip when performing both upper body and lower body exercises.

Combine medicine balls with fitness trampolines to build strength in your muscles with low-impact exercises. Sunny Health & Fitness trampolines feature stabilizing bars that support you during your workout. With a JumpSport fitness trampoline, you can perform bouncing twists and light jumping jacks without causing pain to your ankles and knees. We have foldable fitness trampolines that store easily under a bed or against the wall when you don't need them. Most Upper Bounce fitness trampolines feature heavy-gauge steel for durability and rubber leg tips to prevent marks on your bare floors.

You can use your medicine balls to perform the ultimate core training exercises. Lie on the floor with your legs bent, and hold the medicine ball to your chest for added weight when performing a sit-up. To perfect your form, consider the Ab Rocket Twister that keeps your body aligned and adds further resistance to your core muscles. The Body Solid semi-recumbent dual abs bench helps you work both your upper and lower abs at the same time. From the Tri-Star Ab Coaster to the ProForm Ab Glider, you have what you need to get lean, sculpted abs in your own home.

Get inspired to work out when you watch martial arts movies such as "Samurai" and "Drunken Monkey." You can also learn martial arts with "Small Man's Advantage" and "Championship Sambo." We carry Frank Cucci's "Unarmed Combat Course" and Hakkaku Jion's karate DVDs. When you invest in martial arts movies, you get a full body workout while learning offensive and defensive moves. Learn how to protect yourself without weapons with Paul Vunak's "Street Safe I," or watch "Brutal Cage Fights" that features some of the toughest martial arts fighters.

Invest in medicine balls of various weights to perform lightweight and heavyweight exercises at home. Increase your cardio while performing low-impact exercises with a fitness trampoline, and strengthen your abs and oblique muscles with Ab Rockets and other popular core training equipment. Browse Sears' online inventory for the biggest collection of name brand fitness equipment and affordable sports accessories for your next workout.



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