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Baseball, Softball & T-Ball

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If baseball is in your blood and you love the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd, you'll want to play with the best possible baseball equipment to up your game and maximize your enjoyment. Shop Sears and you'll show up to the big game with the best baseball bat, gloves and balls in your duffel bag. Here you'll find an impressive assortment of softball and T-ball equipment and accessories from the top companies in baseball, including Wilson and Rawlings.

Having your own baseball bat can help you become a better player. Adjusting to the different sizes and weights of whatever bat may be available at the moment is not the way to go. Sears can help with an array of bats from leading manufacturers like Mattingly Sports and Wilson.

A firm, comfortable grip on the bat is one of the key elements to being a successful hitter. That's why so many professional baseball players rely on batting gloves. At Sears, you can choose lambskin or leather gloves from trusted companies like Akadema and Easton.

Sears also carries a variety of softball and T-ball training aids. Whether it's a pitching gun for batting practice or a throwing and fielding net, Sears has what you need when you want to improve your baseball skills.

Another basic piece of baseball equipment is the baseball glove. If your glove doesn't fit properly, or you don't have one, it's important to find a reliable glove. Sears makes that easy to do with a collection of durable gloves in all sizes.

Do you have plenty of extra baseballs for practice? There's nothing more time-consuming and frustrating than interrupting batting or pitching practice every few minutes to round up the few baseballs you have. Instead, pick out a bagful of baseballs from Sears. Slightly lower quality balls are available so you can afford to get plenty.

Stop by Sears to choose from its huge selection of affordable, high quality baseball equipment and accessories, and become a better player this baseball season.