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Football Equipment for Future Gridiron Stars

If baseball represents the history of team sports, then football is its present and future. Tomorrow's Super Bowl MVP might now be in a Pop Warner league learning how to tie his cleats. Sears has a range of football equipment, team gear and memorabilia to suit fans and players alike. For football's past, present and future, Sears has you covered.

Sears provides a range of on-field accessories to keep players safe and maximize their performance. Little boys get to look like their NFL heroes in a full set of pads and helmets that meet exacting safety standards, while grown-ups who want to make the most of a weekend league will find gear like the pros wear. Protective gear from mouth-guards to shin protectors will keep you or your favorite football player in the game, while distinctive uniforms in an array of available colors and patterns make a team look like a team on the field.

Coaches get their gear from Sears, too. Get your team's attention with a piercing whistle or give your receivers some practice with a football passing machine. Your young kicker will get some help from a tee to hold the ball in place. For younger kids or mixed-age teams, get a set of flagged belts for the team and let them have the fun of football in a safer flag-football format. If you're a referee, get your uniform from Sears and pick up a set of yellow penalty flags to throw like the pros; you'll make that pass interference call with authority. You can even find the goalposts and down markers you need to make any open space into a football gridiron. Sears also sells dozens of styles of the most essential piece of equipment: footballs.

If you're a die-hard fan of a college or professional team, you'll find your favorite team's logo merchandise at Sears. You'll find wearable team gear and autographed memorabilia from past and current stars. Sears brings college and official NFL memorabilia together for easy shopping. If you remember when Tom Brady was a Wolverine, Aaron Rodgers played for the Golden Bears or Drew Brees threw for Purdue, you'll find signed mementos of their college days as well as their pro careers. Collect your own autographs on an autograph-ready football with white panels perfect for signing.

Let Sears connect you to football's past or be a part of your football future. Whether you're a player, a parent, a coach or a fan, you'll find what you need at Sears.