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      Equip your boat with marine electronics

      Marine electronics improve your boating experience and keep you safe too. If your ski boat or pontoon needs a sound system, look for in-dash receivers and amplifiers to supply the music. You can keep an eye on the water with a bow or stern light, which you can find in several attractive colors. Pick up a bilge pump that will help keep your boat afloat. Get electronic equipment for your boat when you shop at Sears.

      A radio is a necessary item to have on any boat. In case of an emergency, you can contact the coast guard or another boat on the water in seconds. Of course, radios are also perfect for listening to music while you ride on the water, but with that radio you also need a marine speaker. High-quality speakers like marine speakers can be placed on your tower or built into side panels. Sears has waterproof speakers and other boating accessories that make a day on the water an enjoyable experience.

      When you have the proper lighting, you can safely enjoy an evening on your boat. Fishing during dawn or dusk is the optimal time because that's when fish come out to eat. Bow lights allow you to be seen by other boaters, and they also allow you to see what you're doing on the boat. For some added light, check out mount lights for the cabin and deck of your boat. For another way to catch more fish, work the shore slowly or cruise the weed bed at the right speed, using trolling motors from Sears. We carry both freshwater and saltwater models for trolling motors so you can roam the waters for fish and come home with plentiful bounty.

      Bilge pumps are essential for almost every kind of boat. These pumps keep water out of the lowest part of your boat, otherwise known as the bilge. Sears has both automatic and manual pumps for automatic maintenance or complete control of your vessel. Bilge pumps keep the electronics working so that you can enjoy fishing and other activities for years to come. Now all you need is appropriate fishing gear and you're set for a day on the water.

      Marine electronics from Sears help you get the most from your recreation on the river, lake or ocean. Enjoy boating to the fullest with high-quality equipment from your favorite brands.


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