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Waterskiing & Boarding

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Fulfill All of Your Waterskiing and Boarding Equipment Needs at Sears

Waterskiing and boarding are high-impact water sports that demand the finest equipment available. Sub-par skis, ill-fitting boards and poorly insulated protective clothing can quickly turn an exciting day on the water into an unpleasant slog. Sears stocks top-notch gear that can stand up to the toughest conditions around, and you can browse or search our extensive collection right here.

Sears offers a range of boarding and waterskiing equipment for every type of extreme sports enthusiast. If you prefer to stick to the shallow end of your favorite lake, pair a set of our flexible Rave Rhyme Adult Water Ski Combos with a flashy yet rock-solid Nutcase Pink Bullseye Water Helmet. For open-water wakeboarding that's sure to get your adrenaline pumping, check out our two-in-one Hyperlite 130 Eden Wakeboard with Jinx Boots. We also offer racing fins like the Shapers Australia 555 Fcs Fin System and the world-class Kinetik Racing Bruce Irons Ultra Core Future Fin System. These puppies accommodate your need for speed without compromising your stability.

Top-level Waterskiing and boarding performance requires stylish, well-made accessories. Sears offers a range of heavy-duty scuba gloves to keep your hands comfortable during long stints behind the boat. With our snug Oceanic Stretch 3 mm Mako Gloves on your hands, you'll grip your tow rope confidently and comfortably in most conditions. For an even more natural fit while you're pulling tricks, try ultra-thin glove varieties like SeaSoft 1 mm SEASOFT SEASKYN Rubberized Gloves and Seasoft 2/3 mm Kevlar Reinforced Hunter Gloves. If you regularly hit the waves in colder, damper parts of the world, follow in the footsteps of the world's best deep-water scuba divers and pick up a pair of our extra-thick Oceanic Stretch 5 mm Mako Gloves or our renowned 5 mm Scubapro Everflex Scuba Diving Neoprene Gloves.

Sears helps you maintain your form when you're not hitting the waves too. Whether you need to stay in shape through a multi-month off-season or just want to stay toned on down days, don't miss our selection ofrowing machines. We offer a range of modern, budget-friendly rowers in every imaginable style. For a classic look and feel, try our LifeSpan Fitness Exercise Rowing Machine or BodyCraft VR100 Air Rowing Machine. These precision machines are sure to get you in shape and keep you there. Dynamic rowers like the Avari Free Motion Rower and the Avari Easy Glide Rower mimic the natural paddling motion that you know and love.

We also take pride in looking after the safety and security needs of our customers. Our life vests will keep you above water and in your companions' line of sight no matter how rough the water gets. As you peruse our selection, think about where you'll be heading with your waterskis and boards. For excursions to warm, placid bodies of water, pick up a comfortable Mustang Super Lightweight Inflatable Vest. In deeper, colder areas, don't be afraid to don an Onyx 7501 Flotation Jacket or a heavy-duty First Watch AB-1100 Flotation BomberJacket. We also offer kid-friendly vests like the KIDDER Infant Biolite Vest as well as a Winning Edge Child All Neoprene PFD Life Jacket that's rated to hold between 30 and 50 pounds.

Whether you're tooling around the local lake or heading out to the open ocean to catch some heavy waves, Sears covers all of your waterskiing and boarding needs. Get outfitted to hit the water today.