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Bike Accessories

Customize your wheels with bike accessories and attachments

Whether cycling to school or riding through the trails, a few bike accessories can help you set up your ride just how you like it. Add a water bottle cage and gel saddle to stay comfortable on a long commute, or grab a new bike rack and fitness GPS system before a trip to the mountain trails. No matter your cycling interests, Sears has bicycle attachments and accessories to make the ride more enjoyable.

Take repairs into your own hands high-quality parts and accessories. Fix a flat with a new self-sealing tube and patch kit, then fill up the tire with air using a portable bike pump. These small tools are easy to store in any bag or pannier. When fixing up an older bike, fresh replacement parts will make it run like new again. Add new tires, a chain and an ergonomic bike seat for a smooth and easy ride.

Stay visible on an early morning or evening commute with reflective cycling gear and a set of bike lights or reflectors. A sturdy lock keeps your ride secure when you arrive at your destination. When bringing the little ones on an adventure, bike trailers and carriers keep kids safe while they enjoy the fresh air. Children can even graduate from pedal toys to their very own bike with training wheels. Don’t forget a colorfully designed bike helmet. Enhance your cycling experience with bicycle attachments from Sears.