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      Experience the fun of electric scooters

      Electric scooters are not only fun, but they can also be an affordable and easy form of transportation. You'll enjoy the freedom of riding an electric scooter, whether you're commuting to work or school or going for a leisurely ride to the neighborhood park. At Sears, you'll find a wide variety of motorized scooters to choose from. Unlike gas scooters, electric scooters run on battery power and simply need to be plugged into an electrical outlet to power up.

      At Sears, you'll find both electric scooters with seats and standing electric scooters. If you'll be traveling long distances or like the comfort of sitting, you may prefer an electric scooter with a seat. Many of these electric scooters feature storage space inside the seat for your purse or backpack. Teens may prefer a standing electric scooter, which is easy and responsive to maneuver. You may want to pick up a complete scooter bundle for a young rider, including a helmet and knee pads, to keep him or her safe while on the go.

      The electric scooters for sale at Sears are a fun and different way to get around town. Check out this selection to satisfy your inner speed demon today.


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