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      Whether you're looking for an affordable and fun form of transportation or a recreational go-kart for your little speed demon, you'll love the wide range of gas scooters available from Sears. These gas-powered scooters will get you where you're going with a smooth ride and multiple speeds. Surprise your kid or teen with a brand new scooter to get him or her around the neighborhood to hang out with friends, or make Christmas morning a success with his or her own go-kart. Even adults can get in on the action with a gas or electric scooter for commuting to work.

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      Zip down the street in style on a gas scooter

      It's fun for both kids and adults to zoom around town, and one of the most entertaining ways to get where you're going is on a gas scooter. If you're in need of a zippy new way to get where you're going, check out Sears' selection of gas powered scooters for the whole family. You'll find a great variety of standing scooters, as well as moped scooters that you can ride while seated. Gas-powered scooters can be a good way to save money on gas since they typically feature excellent gas mileage. If you're driving an electric scooter, be sure to stock up on scooter accessories such as a battery charger.

      Whether you prefer to ride standing up or sitting down, you'll find the motor scooters at Sears offer both comfort and convenience. Some can even be folded up and carried in a scooter bag, so you can take your transportation with you wherever you go. If you're just getting started with your first scooter, consider investing in a scooter bundle with all of the protective headgear and kneepads you or your child need to stay safe on the road and sidewalk.

      For an exciting new way to get where you're going, check out Sears' collection of fast and stylish gas-powered scooters.


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